Oversee the accreditation processes and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on individual accreditation decisions. 

Continuously review and improve the accreditation criteria and recommend revisions for approval by the Board of Directors.

CAHME Committees include:

Committees approved by the Board (June 2018)

Acts in lieu of the board when the board is not in session


Reviews the ongoing financial performance of CAHME and has oversight of the board’s investment policy.


Acts as the nominating committee and is responsible for identifying potential candidates for board, council and committee assignments. They are responsible for board orientation and other board development activities.


Monitors the progress of the organization toward meeting the Strategic Goals and Metrics. This committee also identifies issues and ideas that need to be considered as a part of the long term planning process.


Responsible for informing various professional and other health sector organization on the benefits of supporting graduate healthcare management education. Ideally, these organizations would decide to support CAHME by becoming a Corporate Member or making a significant donation.







The Substantive Change Committee will review all substantive changes that Programs request or that are otherwise brought to the notice of CAHME and referred to the Committee by the CEO. It will also review the Multiple Program Track Survey responses submitted by Programs in advance of site visits.


Under instruction from the Standards Council, is responsible for the revision and currency of the Self Study Handbook.


Responsible for the qualification and encouragement of graduate programs in the candidacy process as defined in the CAHME Policies and Procedures.