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MPH Master of Public Health
First Accreditation: 2017
Last Site Visit:
Fall 2017
Next Site Review:
Spring 2020
Program Information Contact Information
School of Public Health Information
Lee Revere, PhD, MHA

Associate Professor and Program Director, Healthcare Management
Director, George McMillian Fleming Center for Healthcare Management

University of Texas School of Public Health
1200 Herman Pressler

Houston, Texas 77030

Phone: (713) 500.9199


Program Statistics *
2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Enrolled Students*
Full Time 41 58 29
Part Time 10 7 14
Total 51 65 43
Enrolled Student Experience (percentage)
Enrolled directly from Bachelor’s degree. 11 27 15
Enrolled 1 – 3 years after Bachelor’s degree. 20 6 13
Enrolled more than 3 years after Bachelor’s degree. 20 22 15
Enrolled Student Diversity * (Numbers)
Nonresident alien No Data No Data 5
Race and Ethnicity unknown No Data No Data 7
Hispanic or Latino of any race No Data No Data 5
For non-Hispanics only: No Data No Data No Data
American Indian or Alaska Native No Data No Data 0
Asian No Data No Data 12
Black or African American No Data No Data 4
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander No Data No Data 0
White No Data No Data 16
Two or more races No Data No Data 0
Female No Data No Data 31
Male No Data No Data 14
Applications and Admissions (number)
Applications Received (completed only) 34 128 89
Applicants Offered Admission 0 44 40
Applicants Enrolled 7 35 17
Acceptance Rate (Offered/Completed Applications Received) 0 34% 44%
Yield (Enrolled/Offered) 0 80% 43%
Enrollment Rate (Enrolled/Completed Applications Received) 21% 27% 20%
On-Time Class Graduation (Percent)* 100% 100% 100%
Median Entering Class GPA
Overall undergraduate degree GPA (on a 4.0 scale) 3.35 3.21 3.36
Other Enrollment Requirements
GMAT required required optional
GRE required required, GMAT can be substituted
Healthcare or Other Work Experience Required No Data No Data not required
Placement Of Graduating Class Within 3 Months
Hospital or Health System No Data No Data 5
Physician Practice No Data No Data 4
Military Health System or Veterans Health Administration No Data No Data 1
Other governmental agencies (i.e. local, state and federal agencies) No Data No Data 1
Association, Foundation or Voluntary agency (i.e. AHA, RWJ Foundation, Red Cross) No Data No Data 0
Long-term Care Facility/Home Health Agency No Data No Data 0
Consulting No Data No Data 2
Insurance / HMO No Data No Data 3
Pharmaceutical/bio-tech/medical device company No Data No Data 0
Employed overseas No Data No Data 0
(e.g., pursuing another graduate degree, employed outside healthcare, etc. or international student returned home without seeking employment)
No Data No Data 5
Total Placed (number) No Data No Data 21
Percent Placed (placed/graduates)* No Data No Data 100
Total Required & Elective Graduation hours or units(number) 57 57 45
Elective Graduation hours or units (number) 0 0 0
Total Estimated Tuition and Related Fees for Degree
(assumes students meet all prerequisites)
In-State (Total cost for degree) No Data No Data 15,000
Out-of-State (Total cost for degree) No Data No Data 50,000
Class Structure
Quarter, Semester, Trimester, or other Semester Semester Semester
Required courses offered in person (number)* No Data No Data 11
Required courses offered online including hybrid format (number)* No Data No Data 8
Is a practicum or internship required for graduation? No Data No Data yes
If yes, required practicum or internship hours No Data No Data 180
Is a residency or internship required for graduation? No Data No Data yes
If yes, required residency or internship hours No Data No Data 180
Median Salary Of Graduating Class *
Reporting Students (Number) 11 6 7
Post-graduate fellowship 49,000 56,000 63,000
Jobs 56,800 62,000 9,0000
Program Faculty (Number)
Faculty* 6 6 6
Adjunct** 3 6 6
Total 15 20 12
* CAHME is providing this data from reports submitted by programs. For all information, past performance does not guarantee future results. Income data is provided for comparison and does not indicate the salaries that you will receive. Students performance may vary. N/A represents that the program did not report this information.
Accreditation Summary Report
Program Comments

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