Accreditation: Schedule of Fees

For Currently Accredited Programs

*Grandfather Clause:  
Grandfather period for currently accredited programs is July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2017 and applies to site visit fees for re-accreditation. The grandfather clause does not apply if your program has specific substantive changes in which you add a new track (e.g. an online track). Programs with this type of substantive changes will be invoiced under the new fee structure where applicable. Programs already in candidacy will not pay the annual candidacy fee; but will pay the $11,000 initial site visit fee.

**Annual Program Fees Based on the Sliding Scale:

*** Supplemental modalities include: multi-campus program; each delivery modality starting at 2nd (e.g. executive, online); multiple tracks; multiple degrees under same administration.

For Candidate Programs