Accreditation Actions

Criteria for CAHME Accreditation

The Criteria for CAHME accreditation can be accessed here.

If a Program, upon being reaccredited or accredited for the first time, is found to have only partially met certain criteria or has not met certain criteria, then that Program has two years to come into compliance with the criteria. The Program is required to file a progress report describing and offering substantiation of how the program was brought into compliance with the criteria one year after the site visit. If it is determined in the Program’s first year progress report that the program is still not in full compliance with the criteria, then the program has the opportunity to file a second year progress report. If the program remains out of compliance with any criteria upon review of the second year report, then the Board may take action to withdraw accreditation.

Notice of Accreditation Actions

Accrediting Agencies that are recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation are required to notify the public of final accreditation actions and of the bases for each of those actions.  

Accreditation Actions History

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Fall 2016
Spring 2016
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Spring 2013
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Spring 2012
Criteria for Accreditation
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