Another Successful Year for CAHME 12/16/2019

We are concluding a demanding but fruitful year for CAHME, in which we have continued to advance the quality of healthcare management education. We owe much of our accomplishments to the continued support of our many stakeholders: our Board of Directors; our staff and support team; program directors throughout the US, Canada, and around the globe; our corporate, scholarship, and healthcare partners; healthcare organizations that employ graduates of CAHME-accredited programs; and the thousands of students who will become the future leaders of healthcare.

Among our highlights for the year:

  • Growing interest in global accreditation, with CAHME working through the accreditation process with programs in Saudi Arabia, Kenya, and Georgia.
  • Accredited programs numbering 106, with 24 programs in candidacy, and another 31 in the initial stages of pursuing accreditation.
  • Five programs certified in Healthcare Quality & Safety, and a new corporate partnership with the National Association for Healthcare Quality.  Our number of “founding programs” has expanded to 11 with the University of Pennsylvania joining this past week. We will accept applications for new HQS certifications by February 1.
  • The continuation of our scholarship and award programs. We raised $21,100 from friends of Tim Campbell to support the Tim Campbell Scholarship. The Dawn Gideon Foundation Scholarship marked its fourth year, while the Judy Baar Tripinka Scholarship is in its second year. We were grateful for the continued support of Canon Solutions America for its continuing support of our Sustainability Award, and for Wharton Research Data Services for its grant that supports empirical research.  The 2020 winning programs, students, and faculty will be announced in January.
  • A growing partnership with Peregrine Academic Services, which produced a Benchmarking white paper in 2019, and will produce a new white paper on Competency Assessment in 2020.
  • CAHME training reached new levels, as our Bootcamps enrolled an all-time high 81 participants. We also will roll out a Learning Management System to work on lowering inter-rater variability among site visitors, and also will help programs get through application and candidacy processes more quickly. A new Training Coordinator will join the CAHME team in 2020.
  • Growth of the CAHME Mentorship Circle to 23 programs, and nearly 90 percent of our accredited programs participating in Enhanced Benchmarking. The Board is aiming for 100 percent participation in Enhanced Benchmarking!
  • The completion of our Getting to 100 video series, featuring industry leaders, including our founder Gary Filerman who remains a staunch vibrant supporter of our mission. We also published our white paper “Getting to 100: Preparing Healthcare Leaders for the next 50 years.”

Mostly, though, I am thankful for our Corporate Members who support our mission, and the 250 volunteers each year, in a variety of roles – site visitor, board member, task forces, committees, Standards Council and Accreditation Council.  These volunteers are invaluable to CAHME and its mission of advancing the quality of healthcare management education.

Thank you for another great year, and here’s to a prosperous 2020.


Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE
President & CEO