CAHME Stakeholders Respond To COVID-19 04/13/2020

COVID-19 has impacted healthcare and higher education significantly, creating a lot of stress on students, educators, and families.  Through it all, though, we see people rising to the occasion.

Dolores Clement, DrPh, FACHE, Sentara Professor Emerita at Virginia Commonwealth University and incoming CAHME Board Chair, noted this during the CAHME Accreditation Council on April 3.  She reflected on how educators, as well as key stakeholders, provided the necessary skill sets for those managing our healthcare system through the COVID-19 crisis.  Dolores noted, “The leaders in this crisis, the people who are managing the care of the population in need, are those educated in our programs.  Thank you for your commitment to higher education, and to preparing healthcare leaders to address the impact of COVID-19.”

Over the past few weeks faculty, students, and alumni from CAHME-Accredited programs have stepped up to make a difference:

  • Across almost all of our programs, faculty have embraced and implemented on-line learning to meet curriculum requirements for students.
  • St. Louis University Health Management and Policy Chair Rhonda BeLue, PhD, when faced with students who had their residency or internships cancelled, answered the call from the Missouri Department of Health who needed graduate students to assist them in addressing the crisis.  This opportunity will allow students to apply their skills and help communities in need.
  • George Washington University students Ali Marmal, Samuel Meyers, and Kelly Cronic pivoted their capstone project done for CAHME to adjust for COVID-19’s impact.
  • Texas A&M University MHA Program Director Murray Côté, PhD, has been tasked by state, county, and university officials to have their program understand the impact of COVID-19 on the community over time. In addition,  infectious disease modeling will now be featured prominently in courses such as operations management.
  • CAHME’s first virtual site visit was conducted at the University of Kansas Medical Center by Charlotte Smith Barrett, MBA, FACHE, (AVP, University of Miami Health System), Mike Meacham, JD (MUSC), Mike Mileski, DC MPH (Texas State), and Cynthia Hahn, MPH, FACHE, (SVP, ACHE, and CAHME Board Chair).  The site visit team carefully documented their experience to guide future virtual visit teams and to create real-time adjustments in the approach to virtual site visits.
  • Graduates of CAHME-Accredited programs are leading in this crisis.  They established testing facilities, adapted to challenging logistics, and engaged with policy leaders to get things done.
  • CAHME’s team balanced service to accredited programs with their children being home and the safety of their families. Our administrative intern, Ethan Kannel even had to change wedding plans to a small civil ceremony in March.  (Congratulations, Ethan!)

It is times like these that test our mettle, define heroism, shape organizations, and change our world.  CAHME programs, stakeholders, and staff serve to advance the quality of healthcare management education, and create the foundation to provide for the health of our communities.

Wishing you health during these times.

Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE
President & CEO
Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education