CAHME celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2018, and filmed the panel discussion and in depth interviews with key stakeholders that examined  key stakeholders opinions around building the next generation of leaders in healthcare. A series of 9 short videos were created that explored the following topics:

  • What will our healthcare leaders need in 2068 and the importance of values in restoring the vitality of healthcare leader
  • Why Accreditation Matters
  • How CAHME Should Lead Continuous Improvement and globalizing health management education
  • Non-hierarchical leadership and the importance of diversity
  • Leadership and community health, and fee-for-value and public health.
  • Mission-driven leadership and the influencer as leader.
  • Understanding healthcare teams, the use of healthcare data, and changing clinical competencies.
  • Competency-based accreditation
  • Communication across stakeholder, adapting to ambiguity, and creating agile leaders

A companion white paper called “Getting to 100: Preparing Healthcare Leaders for the Next 50 Years” is available.  Combined with our video series, we hope that these materials provide insight to our programs, faculty, healthcare professionals, and students as we meet our mission of advancing the quality of graduate healthcare management education.

A special thanks to the Dawn Gideon Foundation  for underwriting the creation of the video series.  Honoring the memory of Dawn Gideon, herself a graduate from a CAHME-accredited program at the University of Pittsburgh, the Dawn Gideon Foundation is proud to support CAHME in its mission to advance the quality of graduate healthcare management education. The video series honors her legacy by focusing on education of healthcare administrators who, like Dawn, will be role models for compassionate and intelligent leadership.

Thanks also to Saint Louis University School of Public Health and Social Justice MHA program who underwrote the white paper, to GE Healthcare , for their financial commitment for the filming of the videos, and to Business of Healthcare for their partnership in this production.