My name is Anna Dolgova and I’m a second year graduate student at Seton Hall University, completing a Master’s in Health Care Administration. In addition to being a full time graduate student, I’m also a Petty Officer Second Class in the US Navy, stationed at Norfolk Naval Base. I chose Seton Hall’s MHA program for its flexible online program format and its accreditation by CAHME. My career aspirations to become commissioned as a Health Care Administrator in the Navy Medical Service Corps is contingent upon earning an MHA from a university program accredited by CAHME. This requirement ensures a level of quality and oversight so future officers are fully prepared for real world challenges in the fleet.

When I was applying to universities over a year and half ago, I realized that there were many online MHA options but few of them were accredited by CAHME. I would find out that in addition to meeting academic competencies and benchmarks, all of their online programs required multiple intensive in-person residencies at the university. These residencies provide invaluable face-to-face time with your peers and professors and help strengthen contacts. For many full-time workers like myself, this is the next best thing to a ‘brick and mortar’ experience, fostering relationships that would have otherwise been limited to our computers. The CAHME stamp of approval at Seton Hall gave me confidence that their MHA would follow a time tested and proven curriculum, preparing me to be an effective future administrator.

Additional Information about CAHME Accreditation can be found here.