Given the significant time and financial commitment required to pursue an MHA degree, I researched a number of potential programs and spoke with representatives from each before deciding where to apply. After meeting with a program director who informed me of the benefits of CAHME accreditation and the doors it could open, such as certain internships and fellowships that were only available to graduates of CAHME accredited programs, I quickly decided that I would only consider a CAHME accredited institution. Coming from a previous career in higher education, I knew that university rankings only tell part of the story. The CAHME accreditation provided an objective evaluation of MHA programs that was tied to curriculum, program competencies, and career placement.

I appreciate that CAHME provides ongoing guidance to accredited MHA programs to ensure their curriculum keeps pace with the rapidly evolving healthcare field. This provides me with assurance that I am prepared to meet the challenges I will face in the healthcare field as an early careerist. The quality of the education as well as the extracurricular and professional opportunities I have experienced to date as a student have confirmed my decision to attend a CAHME accredited program.

Additional Information about CAHME Accreditation can be found here.