Access to Modern Healthcare is a great benefit – thanks CAHME for making it available to our programs!

In many of our classes, mine included, there is a requirement to read weekly, reliable sources of health care news and research. Different classes in our curriculum use in different ways through that requirement. In my class in particular (Health Policy – 1st year/1st semester required MHA course), we use the information from Modern Healthcare to prompt our weekly discussions in building policy competency and directly relate the information from Modern Healthcare to the content of the day. It’s critical in creating a knowledge base of current issues for our new students, and it helps build competency in critical thinking and analysis in my class.

Thank you for supporting our programs, and thank you to Modern Healthcare!


Saint Louis University
Kristin D. Wilson, PhD, MHA
Director, MHA Program
Associate Professor
Salus Center
3545 Lafayette Ave.
Saint Louis University
St. Louis, MO 63104

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