Laura Ramsey, Clark Story, Annie Key, and Chelsea Thomas

Our names are Laura Ramsey, Clark Story, Annie Key, and Chelsea Thomas. We are from three different states: Clark is from Marion, Arkansas; Laura is from Jackson, Mississippi; Annie is from Memphis, Tennessee; and Chelsea is from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Through our individual research and word of mouth recommendations, we knew how critical it was to choose a CAHME-accredited program. While the “MHA” letters behind our will name mean a great deal, the CAHME accreditation represented by those letters substantiates strength and quality of our program.

Furthermore, CAHME accredited programs are afforded access to exceptional learning opportunities, such as healthcare case competitions. These competitions bring together teams from accredited programs across the country for an incredible learning and networking experience. Although group presentations are a core component of our program, these case competitions bring us closer together in high-pressure, real-world situations that not only reinforce our abilities to work together as a team, but also strengthen our individual abilities to provide unique experiences, background, and knowledge to solve multi-faceted problems in a short time frame. These experiences have taught us to rely on each other whole-heartedly, and this mutual trust is certainly something we will carry with us even after graduation.

While we all applied to several MHA programs, but ultimately chose Memphis for a variety of reasons. As a CAHME-accredited program, the Memphis MHA provides us many benefits beyond these exciting case competitions. The program places most students in paid administrative residencies, known as graduate assistantships, with healthcare organizations throughout Memphis. With the help of our faculty and our community partners, all students in our cohort who wished to obtain a graduate assistantship were able to secure a position. Clark and Annie were matched with Baptist Medical Group, a local health system, working in physician practice quality and performance improvement; Laura matched with MSK Group, an integrated physician practice that consists of three large orthopedic groups; and Chelsea matched with MetroCare Physicians, an independent physicians’ association concentrating on accountable care organizations. These placements allow us to gain real-world experience during the day and to broaden our knowledge in the classroom at night. Plus, any out-of-state student who receives an assistantship is afforded in-state tuition rates – a rare and fantastic benefit of this program. Further, since it does not have a CAHME-accredited program, any student from Mississippi is also given the in-state tuition rate.

Importantly, the faculty at The University of Memphis are incredibly kind, intelligent, diverse, and extremely hands-on. From the moment we walked through the door, this experience has felt like a family environment where our growth and development is of the utmost importance. We truly feel that we made exactly the right decision by selecting to attend the CAHME-accredited University of Memphis MHA program.

Additional Information about CAHME Accreditation can be found here.