I spent the later end of my undergraduate years looking for the right Master of Health Administration (MHA) Program for me. What mattered most was experiencing an institution that placed a strong emphasis on academic excellence, continuous improvement, and real world experiences. When I selected my MHA program, the final decision was based on the reputation of the program, success of the alumni, and their CAHME accreditation status. CAHME accreditation provided me a sense of comfort and trust that I made the right decision when I chose my graduate healthcare management program.

Now as a healthcare management professional, CAHME accreditation provides me peace of mind that the person I am interviewing is a competent, skilled healthcare management professional from a reputable graduate program. CAHME has and will continue to set the bar for graduate healthcare management education. Accreditation is more than a piece of paper- it is a standard of excellence.

Additional Information about CAHME Accreditation can be found here.