40 years after graduating from one of the first CAHME accredited programs (it was then called ACEHSA), I’m delighted to have this opportunity to reflect on what my MHAA from Xavier has done for my career. Having been a hospital CEO for 22 years, including at a state university hospital, at a Catholic hospital, at a community hospital, and at an International hospital in Dubai, UAE, I am filled with gratitude for my time and education from Xavier, and for the commitment of the community of scholars that is CAHME to ensure that students coming from programs it accredits are prepared to lead in arguably the most important of human offerings, healthcare.

A health services administrative executive must have appreciation for everything, including the medical, the technical, the organizational, the operational, and the personal. Life is played out in our healthcare walls. Yes, new things came along all the time, such as personal computers, DRG’s and the Affordable Care Act, but the fundamentals don’t change. People remain the same. Patients’ needs remain the same. Our mission as health services administrators remains the same.

What I learned at Xavier has sustained me and prepared me very well for nearly 40 years, and continues today in my role as a JCI Surveyor as I help hospitals and health systems around the world meet the needs of their communities. Hallmarks of CAHME accredited programs are competency-based curriculum, that is inclusive, sustainable and ethical. Employers don’t need students with a quick-fix credential and letters after their name; employers need students who are well-equipped with skills to think, to research, to question, to work with a team, to present ideas, and to go in to any situation in a way to keep learning through a myriad of experiential opportunities. Employers need students from CAHME-accredited programs.

Additional Information about CAHME Accreditation can be found here.