Points Of Contact

If you need assistance creating a CAMP account contact:
Stacey Rowand
Operations and Technology Manager
301-298-1820 Ext. 700

For questions about the accreditation process
or program specific questions contact:
Eric Brichto Esq.
Vice President of Accreditation Operations and Counsel
301-298-1820 Ext 4

To hear more about additional accreditation educational resources on the Core Learning Center contact:
Melissa Cross
Education Manager
301-298-1820 Ext 703

For questions regarding payments and fees (listed below) contact:
Melissa Sanseverino, CPA
Associate Vice President for Finance and Operations
301-298-1820 Ext 3

Contact our team

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For correspondence, send to:

  PO Box 911
  Spring House, PA 19477

  E-mail us at: info@cahme.org