Employee Investment

For their own employees, many HCOs (including the US Military) require that employees attend CAHME accredited program for leadership training to creates the best return on their investment in their employees.
For their hiring practices, many HCOs select students graduating from CAHME accredited programs. With many types of organizations offering masters degrees, leading employers recognize that students from CAHME-accredited programs are trained on industry-created competencies which means that employees have a greater likelihood for success.

HCO reflections on the importance of Accreditation

Institutions around the globe gain enrichment from CAHME accredited students every day. We invite you to take a look at this sample of testimonials from Health Care Organizations. CAHME Accreditation enables employers to make hiring decisions based on a level of “surety” based on competency based educational standards.


Become a Corporate Member

As a CAHME partner, you make a significant contribution to your profession. For Information: contact Anthony Stanowski, President and CEO at 301-298-1820 or astanowski@cahme.org