CAHME Learning Management System

The CAHME Learning Management System (LMS) is a multi-faceted resource to site visitors and programs.  CAHME provides access to educational resources through online learning.  Currently four courses are available, each consisting of multiple classes.


    • Site Visitor Training.  The goal of the site visitor training are to enable site visitors to provide a consistent and reliable process of reviewing programs for accreditation.  Attendees need to be CAHME fellows, or invited to attend by CAHME staff.
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    • CAHME Mentorship Circle. Enables programs to learn from best practices as presented by programs that have earned the distinction of being a CAHME Mentorship Circle programs.  Access to materials in this course are provided free of charge to all CAHME Accredited programs, programs that applied, programs in Candidacy, or programs that are Founding Members of the Healthcare Quality and Safety initiative.
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  • Competency Attainment Series.  This 2017 series highlights several programs that have demonstrated how they assess student competency.  The session is available on the CAHME You Tube Channel.


For more information, contact:

Melissa Cross
Education Coordinator
301-298-1820 ext. 703