CAHME Adjusts to the Coronavirus, March 18, 2020

As a global community, we are facing a truly unprecedented and fast changing environment related to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). The far reaching impact on daily life continues to be felt by students in CAHME Accredited programs, faculty, universities and healthcare professionals across the globe. Your response as educators and practitioners is admirable, and reflects the belief that we all have a responsibility to each other.

The CAHME Executive Committee, acting under emergency powers as the Board, took the following actions on Friday, March 13, 2020:

  1.  Virtual Site Visits. A virtual site visit policy was approved. Programs to be visited in the Spring and Fall will be contacted. The policy will sunset in one year, when it will be evaluated. We are rolling out education to programs with upcoming site visits and to our volunteer site visitors.
  2. Online Education. Universities moved their residential programs to online to allow students to complete their courses this semester. CAHME reviewed guidelines from the US Department of Education and from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. In consultation with our legal counsel, we developed a “Fast Track” form. This enables residential programs to add an online modality to their accreditation status and serve the requirement of notifying CAHME of a program change. This Fast Track form and directions has been sent to residential programs; about 20% of programs have sent it back on day 1. CAHME is waiving modality initiation fees and the FY 2020 annual fee.
  3. Boot Camps. While we cancelled the “live” boot camp at ACHE Congress and stopped planning for the boot camp in Salt Lake City during AUPHA, we recognize that programs still need education to meet accreditation standards. With our chief faculty adviser, Kevin Broom, PhD (University of Pittsburgh), we created an on-line boot camp for those registered for the ACHE Boot Camp; it will also be open to others. The boot camp will run for six one-hour sessions, from April 10 through May 1, 2020. The online boot camp includes access to materials post session over a set period of time. More information will be coming soon, including how to sign up.
  4. Awards. We issued refunds for all attendees who purchased tickets to the CAHME Awards Ceremony.
  5. Competency Assessment Best Practices. CAHME authored a white paper and prepared a presentation featuring best practices on competency assessment. While initially offered as a breakfast session during ACHE, a webinar will be scheduled. The session will highlight the best practices of several CAHME Accredited programs. We thank Peregrine Global Services for their support. The corresponding white paper is now available.
  6. Governance. The April 2-3, 2020 Accreditation Council and May 14-15, 2020 Board Meeting will be held virtually.
    We are confident that these actions will provide for the safety of our site visitors, volunteers, employees, and program teams, as well as to continue to meet our mission of advancing the quality of healthcare management education.

Be safe.

Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE
President & CEO

CAHME/Canon Solutions American Award 2020

The CAHME/Canon Solutions America Award is inspired by Canon Solutions America’s contributions to a sustainable society. It serves to incorporate the ideals of sustainability in future healthcare leaders. The award recognizes the significant influence of education on creating sustainable, inclusive and socially responsible healthcare organizations. For this fourth year of the award, the Blue Ribbon Panel designated two organizations to receive the award — the University of Missouri Department of Health Management and Informatics and the University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health.

The Master of Health Administration (MHA) program in the Department of Health Management and Informatics (HMI) at the University of Missouri School of Medicine integrates quality graduate healthcare management education with innovations in sustainability and social responsibility.  The university has signed the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment, with a goal of becoming a carbon neutral campus. It has engaged in sustainable construction with 5 LEED Platinum and 6 LEED Gold buildings. Since 2008, it has grown its campus renewable energy use from 1% to 42%.

Sustainability is supported by curriculum development and alumni participation.  The University’s Sustainability Office works to ingrain sustainability principles of social equality, environmental stewardship and economic prosperity while integrating campus operations, academics and research. Collaboration among students, faculty and staff provides support, resources, leadership and education to address sustainability issues both on and off campus. The practices of this office have earned the University a Gold Rating from the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS).

Missouri plans to use its grant to support additional curriculum development, collaborative projects, and guest speakers for the purpose of enhancing student experiences and competencies related to sustainability.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Health Policy and Management houses the Gillings School of Global Public Health.  Gillings’ commitment to sustainability ideals and social responsibility is reflected in its orientation, competency model, curriculum, alumni engagement and experiential learning opportunities. In fact, a comment from a student orientation feedback survey fueled a turning point for the program:

“My biggest suggestion is to cut down on waste a bit – although there was recycling, MOST people had water bottles and could have gone without the many, many plastic bottles. …the plates were Styrofoam and many of the flatware items were plastic-wrapped. This is not a criticism, but rather an opportunity for the health policy department to recognize the role that being eco-friendly can have in promoting community health and well-being.”

The program then created and implemented sustainability goals for future orientations. Goals included the reduction of plastic bottles at all HPM events, the consideration of the environmental impact in all event planning activities, and the promotion of a culture of environmentally sustainable practices. The end result was a significantly reduced amount of waste at HPM events.

Gillings plans to use its grant to further support integrating sustainability into its program through guest speakers, sustainability events, and curriculum development around sustainability.

Award Winners will be honored at the Annual Awards Luncheon held at ACHE Congress on March 22, 2020 at 12 p.m. in Chicago, IL. Register for the luncheon here.  Modern Healthcare’s January 27, 2020 edition also featured the award winners.  Congratulations to these award winning programs that are advancing the quality of healthcare management education!

CAHME and Wharton Research Data Services Announce Recipient of 2020 Empirical Research Award

The Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) and Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) have named Joshua R Vest, Paul K Halverson, and Nir Menachemi of the Indiana University Richard M Fairbanks School of Public Health and Lisa E Harris and Dawn P Haut of Eskenazi Health as recipients of the 2020 CAHME/WRDS Best Paper for Empirical Research Award.

The award recognizes the authors’ use of data for an innovative analysis of wraparound services to reduce hospitalization and Emergency Department visits, which was published in October 2018 by Health Affairs. A part of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, WRDS provides global corporations, universities and regulatory agencies the thought leadership, data access and insights needed to enable impactful research.

The article, titled “Indianapolis Provider’s Use Of Wraparound Services Associated With Reduced Hospitalizations And Emergency Department Visits” describes how the authors used data from Eskenazi Health Center, a Federally Qualified Health Center, and the Indiana Network for Patient Care to determine whether the provision of wraparound services within a Federally Qualified Health Center was effective in reducing costly health care use. The estimated annual savings from these services on potentially avoided hospitalizations is on average $1.4 to $2.4 million, or about $76 to $131 per person.

In selecting the authors from Indiana University and Eskenazi Health, CAHME President and CEO Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE, noted that the panel of judges “were impressed by the importance of the work due to changes in reimbursement policies that hold providers financially accountable. Its publication in such a respected journal suggests it could have broad impact as well.”

“This type of analysis is important for healthcare leaders and policy makers,” said lead author Joshua Vest, who is also a research scientist at Regenstrief Institute. “Under value-based payment, wraparound services could be part of a portfolio of strategies to address patients social, behavioral and environmental needs that drive poor health and increase costs.”

“The CAHME-WRDS Best Paper Award for Empirical Research is an exciting collaboration focused on advancing excellence across the healthcare research sector,” said Robert Zarazowski, Managing Director of WRDS. “We look forward to highlighting high-quality, impactful research from the sector.”

The CAHME/WRDS Award includes a grant of $1,500. The authors have donated their winning share back to the Indiana University program to help support educational opportunities for graduate students in the program.  The award program is open to any CAHME-accredited program or faculty from a CAHME-accredited program.


About WRDS
Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) provides the leading business intelligence, data analytics, and research platform to global institutions – enabling comprehensive thought leadership, historical analysis, and insight into the latest innovations in academic research.

WRDS provides researchers with one location to access over 350 terabytes of data across multiple disciplines including Accounting, Banking, Economics, ESG, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Marketing, and Statistics. Flexible data delivery options include a powerful web query method that reduces research time, the WRDS Cloud for executing research and strategy development, and the WRDS client server using PCSAS, Matlab, R and more. Our rigorous data review and validation give users the confidence to tailor research and create a wide range of reliable data models. Powerful Analytics by WRDS – a suite of cutting-edge analytical tools developed by our doctoral-level team enables powerful insight into research and Classroom by WRDS provides a teaching and learning toolkit designed to introduce business concepts in the classroom.

The leading data research platform for 50,000+ commercial, academic, and government users in 35+ countries, WRDS is the global gold standard in data management, innovative tools, analytics, and research services-all backed by the credibility and leadership of the Wharton School.

About The Wharton School
Founded in 1881 as the world’s first collegiate business school, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is shaping the future of business by incubating ideas, driving insights, and creating leaders who change the world. With a faculty of more than 235 renowned professors, Wharton has 5,000 undergraduate, MBA, executive MBA and doctoral students. Each year 13,000 professionals from around the world advance their careers through Wharton Executive Education’s individual, company-customized, and online programs. More than 99,000 Wharton alumni form a powerful global network of leaders who transform business every day. For more information, visit

Announcing the CAHME Scholarship Award Winners for 2020

Along with our partner foundations, we take great pride in recognizing deserving students through CAHME’s scholarship program.

It is my honor to share with you this year’s winners of the CAHME/Dawn Gideon Foundation Scholarship, the CAHME/Tim Campbell Scholarship and the CAHME/Judy Baar Topinka Foundation Scholarship for Health Policy.






Monica Avila is the recipient of the 2020 CAHME/Dawn Gideon Foundation Scholarship.  The $2,000 scholarship is named for Dawn Gideon, a graduate of a CAHME-accredited program at the University of Pittsburgh, who devoted her career to helping healthcare organizations succeed.

As a young researcher and public health advocate, Avila’s passion for cancer prevention and volunteerism stems from growing up in New Mexico, where she witnessed, firsthand, the limited access to medical screenings, medical care and research.  Her interest in preventive medicine grew stronger while studying as an undergrad at the University of New Mexico.  Her work surrounding the tumor environment in inflammatory breast cancer, which disproportionately affected African American women, earned her departmental honors as well as the title of a Congressional Scholar for research in the Department of Biochemistry and Biology.

Avila interned at several health clinics as well as the New Mexico Department of Health.  Ultimately she ran a health campaign in Cuzco, Peru, giving imprisoned women access to cervical cancer screenings.

Avila remains focused on finding effective ways to recruit eligible participants for national cancer trials to help attain equal access to first-line therapies.

Monica Avila was nominated by Gretchen Gemeinhardt, PhD, MBA, FACHE of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, School of Public Health.  Avila is pursuing a MPH degree.



Rodricka Brice-Curry is the recipient of the 2020 CAHME/Tim Campbell Scholarship.  The $2,000 scholarship honors Tim Campbell, a business leader and CAHME board member, who believed that true success is measured through relationships that help others reach their full potential.

Brice-Curry realized the importance of compassion at a young age when she began helping others through community service.  This inspired her to join the Air Force later in life, where she strongly identifies with “Service before Self,” one of the core values of the branch.

Serving in the Air Force provides her with the opportunity to fulfill her commitment of service beyond her local community by helping people all around the world.  She also serves as a Certified Respiratory Therapist at Langley Air Force Base and was recently named Volunteer of the Year in her Medical Group for accumulating over 300 hours of community service, while working with several community and faith-based organizations.  The happily married mother of one (born on Christmas of 2018) has aligned her professional career goal – to work in hospital administration – with her ambition to become an Air Force-commissioned officer.

Rodricka Brice-Curry was nominated by Tami Swenson, PhD, Assistant Professor, Master of the Public Health Program and Master of the Healthcare Administration Program at Des Moines University.  Brice-Curry is pursuing a MHA degree.



Kashay Webb is the recipient of the 2020 CAHME/Judy Baar Topinka Foundation Scholarship.  The scholarship awards $2,000 to a graduate student in healthcare management education at a CAHME-accredited program active in health policy.  Judy Baar Topinka served as a legislator, state treasurer for an unprecedented three terms and the Illinois comptroller for one term until her untimely death at the beginning of her second term.  She was noted as an advocate for the health and welfare of the residents of Illinois.

Growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, Webb saw how health disparities can keep people from thriving and dedicated her time to improving the health status for underserved, disadvantaged and vulnerable populations.

Webb served as the Special Projects Administrator of St. Mary’s Outreach Center, a local Baltimore organization supporting hundreds of economically vulnerable, older adults.  She also led the deployment of a customized software program, which improved the efficiency of operations and client services at the center.

As the Co-Vice President of Public Policy for the American Association of University Women (AAUW), Webb has tailored her coalition relationships and legislative priorities to focus on health policy issues.  She recently championed the passage of a Maryland Hospital Patient Bill of Rights to ensure that all patients receive a list of their 24 legal rights to provide additional protection for vulnerable hospital patients.

Webb interned at the University of Maryland Medical Center, where she conducted an institution-wide diversity and inclusion assessment to evaluate the extent to which UMMC meets national cultural and linguistic standards.  Her findings serve as the basis for diversity initiatives in the FY20 strategic plan.

Kashay Webb was nominated by Mark J. Bittle, DrPH, MBA, FACHE of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Master of Health Administration Program.  Webb is pursing a MHA degree.

These students reflect our mission of advancing the quality of healthcare management education.  I hope you join me as we celebrate the recipients at the CAHME Awards Luncheon on March 22, 2020, at 12 p.m. in Chicago, Illinois, held during ACHE’s Annual Congress.  For tickets to the award ceremony, go to:



Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE
President and CEO

Mike Slusarz Bio

Mike Slusarz is a seasoned marketing, communications and branding professional with over 30 years of experience in healthcare brand management, digital marketing, advertising, business development, and corporate communications.

A nationally-recognized expert and motivational speaker, Mike has a proven track record of creating innovative advertising strategies, brand platforms, digital campaigns and marketing plans in the highly competitive healthcare field.

As a frequent national speaker and moderator Mike presents on a variety of topics including: brand management, change communications, core messaging, successful merger strategies, optimizing customer decisions, driving better outcomes through marketing analytics, real world strategies in social media, harnessing the power of digital media and building brand engagement with storytelling and discovery.

Mike began his career in marketing communications with General Electric and has held senior leadership positions with Cape Regional Health System, Barnabas Health, New Jersey’s largest health care delivery system, and the Marathon Group, an award-winning advertising, digital marketing and branding firm that he created.

He is currently an adjunct professor at Temple University teaching the fundamentals of brand management, advertising and marketing research. Mike is also the President of the Health Care Planning & Marketing Society of New Jersey, and is an active committee member as well as speaker for the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development.

Another Successful Year for CAHME in 2019

We are concluding a demanding but fruitful year for CAHME, in which we have continued to advance the quality of healthcare management education. We owe much of our accomplishments to the continued support of our many stakeholders: our Board of Directors; our staff and support team; program directors throughout the US, Canada, and around the globe; our corporate, scholarship, and healthcare partners; healthcare organizations that employ graduates of CAHME-accredited programs; and the thousands of students who will become the future leaders of healthcare.

Among our highlights for the year:

  • Growing interest in global accreditation, with CAHME working through the accreditation process with programs in Saudi Arabia, Kenya, and Georgia.
  • Accredited programs numbering 106, with 24 programs in candidacy, and another 31 in the initial stages of pursuing accreditation.
  • Five programs certified in Healthcare Quality & Safety, and a new corporate partnership with the National Association for Healthcare Quality.  Our number of “founding programs” has expanded to 11 with the University of Pennsylvania joining this past week. We will accept applications for new HQS certifications by February 1.
  • The continuation of our scholarship and award programs. We raised $21,100 from friends of Tim Campbell to support the Tim Campbell Scholarship. The Dawn Gideon Foundation Scholarship marked its fourth year, while the Judy Baar Tripinka Scholarship is in its second year. We were grateful for the continued support of Canon Solutions America for its continuing support of our Sustainability Award, and for Wharton Research Data Services for its grant that supports empirical research.  The 2020 winning programs, students, and faculty will be announced in January.
  • A growing partnership with Peregrine Academic Services, which produced a Benchmarking white paper in 2019, and will produce a new white paper on Competency Assessment in 2020.
  • CAHME training reached new levels, as our Bootcamps enrolled an all-time high 81 participants. We also will roll out a Learning Management System to work on lowering inter-rater variability among site visitors, and also will help programs get through application and candidacy processes more quickly. A new Training Coordinator will join the CAHME team in 2020.
  • Growth of the CAHME Mentorship Circle to 23 programs, and nearly 90 percent of our accredited programs participating in Enhanced Benchmarking. The Board is aiming for 100 percent participation in Enhanced Benchmarking!
  • The completion of our Getting to 100 video series, featuring industry leaders, including our founder Gary Filerman who remains a staunch vibrant supporter of our mission. We also published our white paper “Getting to 100: Preparing Healthcare Leaders for the next 50 years.”

Mostly, though, I am thankful for our Corporate Members who support our mission, and the 250 volunteers each year, in a variety of roles – site visitor, board member, task forces, committees, Standards Council and Accreditation Council.  These volunteers are invaluable to CAHME and its mission of advancing the quality of healthcare management education.

Thank you for another great year, and here’s to a prosperous 2020.


Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE
President & CEO

Melissa Cross Bio

Melissa is responsible for coordinating best practice educational materials for programs to help them achieve accreditation, and to our volunteer site visitors to facilitate inter-rater reliability.


Prior to joining CAHME, Melissa was a teacher for nearly 10 years. As a teacher, Melissa immersed herself in addressing the unique individual needs of each of her students on a daily basis and actively communicated with the families of her students to make sure each child was receiving the comprehensive, team-effort attention he or she needed to develop and advance. During her educational career, Melissa assisted in curriculum development, held professional development workshops to aid in improving teaching strategies and instruction, as well as tutored at-risk students. Melissa also served on a number of different committees that helped foster home and school relationships along with increasing student engagement through the use of technology.


Melissa has created and distributed digital educational curriculum and support materials through the online resource Teachers Pay Teachers. The goal of this organization is the sharing of best practices among the teaching community.


Melissa received both her Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and Masters in Teaching from James Madison University.

Updated CAHME Bootcamp Process Coming in 2020

Over the last several years, the CAHME Bootcamps have proven increasingly popular with experienced programs as well as those just starting their journey to CAHME accreditation. Based on attendee feedback, we are pleased to announce that we have implemented a number of changes to the next Bootcamp scheduled for the ACHE Congress in March 2020.

We are making the Bootcamp a single day interactive event and supplementing it with content-based online learning. The 2020 Boot Camp will have two in-person modules offered on Sunday, March 22, 2020, immediately before the ACHE Congress. Required pre-work for attendees will be available in on-line asynchronous sessions that will focus on content. Here’s the outline:

  • Introduction to CAHME Accreditation, Virtual Learning. Topics will be offered in discrete sessions and will include an introduction to CAHME and competency-based education, criteria overview, criteria that are the most challenging, candidacy process/timeline, and preparing for the site visit. The introduction is designed for attendees without an established knowledge of CAHME/competency assessment.
  • In Person Session 1, March 22, 9:00am – 12:00pm (Basic/Intermediate): Topics include developing/refining statements of mission, vision, and goals/objectives that guide program design and assessment. Designed for attendees with a basic or intermediate understanding of CAHME and competency assessment. 
  • In Person Session 2, March 22, 1:45pm – 5:00pm (Intermediate/Advanced): Topics include implementing teaching and assessment tools aligned with competency-based education. Program management issues will also be covered. Designed for attendees with an intermediate or advanced understanding of CAHME and competency assessment. 

The Introduction to CAHME Accreditation Virtual Learning will be offered online via CAHME’s new Learning Management System. You can sign up for this a session as a stand-alone. If you sign up for either of the face-to-face sessions, you can access the online learning at no additional  cost.  Attendees to the live sessions must complete the online learning session before attending the classes. Registration for the online session allows for groups to participate, but only one computer at one campus may access the content. The username and password is not transferable. Details will be sent to you after registration.

Those who attend either of the face-to-face sessions can attend at no additional cost:

  1. The CAHME Award Ceremony which highlights programs, students, and faculty that have excelled.  This session enables attendees to network with best performing programs.
  2. The Bootcamp breakfast, which will examine best practices around competency assessment.  Partially underwritten by Peregrine Global Services, this breakfast includes a brief presentation on Competency Assessment Best Practices by CAHME staff and Olin Odekoven, PhD, the President of Peregrine Global Services  The white paper on Competency Assessment best practices to be released in 2020 will be provided.

Finally, CAHME is also offering, for the first time and on a limited basis, the ability to bring the Bootcamp to your campus. The cost for an on-campus Bootcamp is $4,000 plus all travel expenses for the facilitator.  These custom Bootcamps are licensed to only one program/school and may not be combined with other programs.  They are a one-day session and will be tailored to the needs of your program.  Only two slots are open on a first-come, first-served basis for January 2020 through August 30, 2020, based on facilitator availability.  Contact Eric Brichto for more information.

Prior Bootcamps have sold out, and we honor registrations on a first-come first-serve basis. I encourage you to sign up today and look forward to seeing you at the Bootcamp next March.


Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE
President & CEO

A Constant Focus on Value

At its most recent meeting, just last Friday at George Washington University, the CAHME Board of Directors considered an important issue that, in one way or another, is a constant focus for CAHME: how can our accreditation processes and services bring value to CAHME-accredited programs? This is a foundational need for our mission of advancing the quality of healthcare management education.

The Board reviewed our environmental assessment and examined how our strategies are aligned to keep value in the forefront of everything we do. As just one example, we heard a presentation by George Washington MHA students on the application of Virtual Accreditation at CAHME. The team examined how onsite costs can be lowered by having the record review day occur virtually, dropping one day of travel time and expense. The Board also asked to explore the feasibility of a completely virtual site visit for established programs participating in the CAHME Mentorship Circle and with a history of successful accreditation and a site visit scheduled in 2021. Long term, Virtual Accreditation will be important as we continue to grow our global accreditation footprint and work to lower costs for programs.

Also at its meeting, the Board approved the re-accreditation of programs at the following universities:

  • Baylor University Hankamer School of Business Robbins MBA Healthcare Program, Residential (Waco, TX)
  • Cal State Long Beach Residential and Accelerated MS Program in Health Administration  (Long Beach, CA)
  • Dalhousie MHA Program, Residential (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
  • George Mason University Residential MHA Program (Fairfax, VA)
  • University of Iowa MHA Executive and Residential programs (Iowa City, IA)
  • University of Miami Executive MBA with Specialization in Health Sector Management and Policy (Coral Gables, FL)
  • San Diego State University Masters of Public Health in Health Management and Policy (San Diego, CA)

I am grateful to the Board for its leadership and vision that supports CAHME’s goal of advancing the quality of healthcare management education.

Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE
President & CEO

The Power of Case Competitions

I recently returned from my first visit to Baylor University in Waco, Texas after observing the Robbins Case Competition in Healthcare Management. This event, like other case competitions I’ve attended in the past, reminded me of the unique educational power of these events and their important role in the learning experience of graduate healthcare management students.

Bill Robbins, left, and Anthony Stanowski

The competition is funded by Bill (pictured at left) and MaryJo Robbins, as part of theRobbins Institute for Health Policy and Leadership, at the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor.  The competition is open only to CAHME-accredited programs, or programs that are in the Business Alliance for Healthcare Management (BAHM).  The competition gives students less than 24 hours to prepare an analysis and recommendations based on a case they receive just the day before. It is simply remarkable how professional, insightful, and serious all the presentations are, especially when you consider how quickly the students must prepare.

The winning team was from Trinity University, where, coincidentally, CAHME will hold our next

Members of the winning team from Trinity University include, from left Sabrina Gill, Justin Glenney, and Andi Fernandez, accompanied by Ed Schumacher, PhD, professor of healthcare administration at Trinity University, and chair of its MHA program.

Accreditation Council meeting in the Spring.  Trinity is a long-time CAHME-accredited programs, and the students presented some interesting approaches, including using a “Digital Fence” to do marketing.

Second place team was from the University of Pittsburgh (whose program director, Kevin Broom, PhD, accompanied the team and is CAHME’s faculty for our Boot Camps).  The University of Alabama at Birmingham came in third.

In addition to the witnessing the case presentations, I also got to spend some time with Bill Robbins, who remains vibrant and engaged at 88-years-old. Bill’s generosity helped create the Robbins Institute for Health Policy and Leadership at the Hankamer School of Business. His optimistic vision for the future of healthcare management is matched by Terry Maness, Dean of the School of Business, Cherise Bridgewater, MBA, FACHE, Director of Accreditation and Operations, andForest Kim, PhD,  the director of the program.

CAHME maintains a list of case competitions winners on our web site. They list the best of the best of those pursuing a future in healthcare management.


Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE
President & CEO