Press Release HLNDV names CAHME CEO Dr. Anthony Stanowski as the ACHE Regent Award (3/1/2021)






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Healthcare Leadership Network of the Delaware Valley names CAHME CEO Dr. Anthony Stanowski as the American College of Healthcare Executives Regent Award.

Spring House, PA, March 1, 2021 — The  Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education  (CAHME) announced that Dr. Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE, President and CEO, will be awarded the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Senior-Level Healthcare Executive Regents Award by the Healthcare Leadership Network of the Delaware Valley (HLNDV).  The award will be presented on March 3, 2021 at the HLNDV annual “Breakfast with the Regents”. The award is given to executives who exemplify the goals of ACHE, to educate, engage and inspire leaders to improve health.

For nearly 40 years, Dr. Stanowski served the industry in senior leadership roles in the provider, supplier, and healthcare management education sectors.

Since 2016, under Dr. Stanowski’s leadership, CAHME saw a nearly 50% increase in accredited programs to 124, developed partnership opportunities with the industry to encourage excellence, and established accreditation criteria in healthcare quality and safety. CAHME broadened its focus outside of its traditional service area of the US and Canada, and several programs from outside North America are now working toward accreditation. CAHME established program grants and student scholarships to assist the aspiring healthcare leaders to meet their goals. It created an online tool to allow students to better select programs that meet their needs based on key program characteristics and outcomes.

“Anthony has stayed committed to CAHME’s mission over 4 decades, from when he was a graduate student of the accredited program at Widener University, as a healthcare executive, and to his current role,” said Dr. Dolores G. Clement, DrPH, FACHE, Chair of the Board of Directors of CAHME, and herself a former regent’s award recipient.  “What makes Anthony a great leader inside and outside of CAHME is that he exemplifies CAHME’s values and is a caretaker of high standards of accreditation.”

“Anthony’s lifetime of working with young careerist extends from hiring administrative residents early in his career to his current role of influencing the education process,” said Michael George Vice President, Healthcare Services at Albert Einstein Medical Center and ACHE Regent. “Anthony continues to advance healthcare management education, which will have a long-term impact on healthcare.”

“I am humbled by this recognition from my peers at ACHE and HLNDV, thankful for all of the healthcare leaders who shaped my career and energized by the young careerists whose dedication to our healthcare system will make a difference in the communities in which they serve,” said Dr. Stanowski.


About  CAHME 

Since 1968, CAHME serves the public interest by advancing the quality of healthcare management education globally.  124 leading academic programs are accredited.  Leading healthcare executives and academics work to set the criteria and standards necessary to better prepare graduates for leadership in healthcare. The result is a formal rigorous academic education focusing on key competencies, plus practical experiences.  This enables new graduates to quickly add value to an organization and grow into future leaders.  CAHME is the only organization recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation to grant accreditation to individual academic programs offering a professional master’s degree in healthcare management education.  Visit for more information.

About the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE)

ACHE is an international professional society of more than 48,000 healthcare executives who lead hospitals, healthcare systems and other healthcare organizations. ACHE’s mission is to advance our members and healthcare management excellence. ACHE offers its prestigious FACHE®credential, signifying board certification in healthcare management. ACHE’s established network of 77 chapters provides access to networking, education, and career development at the local level. In addition, ACHE is known for its magazine, Healthcare Executive, and its career development and public policy programs. Through such efforts, ACHE works toward its vision of being the preeminent professional society for leaders dedicated to improving health.  The Foundation of ACHE is known for its educational programs—including the annual Congress on Healthcare Leadership, which draws more than 4,000 participants—and groundbreaking research. Its publishing division, Health Administration Press, is one of the largest publishers of books and journals on health services management including textbooks for college and university courses. for more information.

About Healthcare Leadership Network of the Delaware Valley (HLNDV)

Founded in 1976, HLNDV is a professional organization of healthcare executives representing a variety of institutions and interests in the Philadelphia region. The Healthcare Leadership Network is an independent chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives and the only healthcare executive network serving Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware.  For more information, visit




CAHME Announces Spring 2021 Accreditation Decision (2/22/2021)

Accreditation is at the core of CAHME’s mission to advance the quality of healthcare management education. Achieving CAHME Accreditation is the culmination of significant effort on the part of healthcare management programs and demonstrates that these programs meet our criteria and high standards as established by leading academics and practitioners.

After thorough and careful deliberation, the CAHME Board of Directors approved the initial accreditation of:

In total, 124 programs meet CAHME’s accreditation standards and 7 programs are certified in healthcare quality and safety. These programs, along with more than 250 volunteers, work to advance the quality of healthcare management education.  Visit to learn more about all CAHME-accredited programs.

Using Innovation to Foster Health Equity: Marcus Whitney on the Role of Private Equity (2/8/2021)

The CDC defines health equity as the opportunity for every person to “attain his or her full health potential” and no one is “disadvantaged from achieving this potential because of social determinants”. While health equity issues extend beyond the pandemic, the COVID Racial Data Tracker highlights how we as a society are not attaining those goals across all races and ethnicities.

At best, healthcare leaders operate under three ethical principles: distributive justice (the obligation to allocate available resource fairly and equitably); beneficence (the obligation to assist those in need), and nonmaleficence (the obligation to avoid harm). To ensure students are well prepared to lead, CAHME standards codify (for example) ethics (Standard III.A.6), diversity of student body (Standard II.A.2), diversity of faculty (Standard IVA.2), and university-wide non-discrimination (Requirement F).

On March 19, 2021 at 2:30 PM EST, I will discuss how private equity can be a force to make a difference with Marcus Whitney, the founder and General Partner at Jumpstart Nova, the first Black healthcare venture fund in America. By investing exclusively in black-led healthcare businesses, Marcus is empowering black entrepreneurs to create opportunities to address disparities and work toward achieving equity in healthcare.

Beyond venture capital, Marcus is a successful entrepreneur, self-taught software developer and author of the Amazon #1 selling book “Create and Orchestrate”.

Marcus will share how intentional investing is a way to make progress in racial equity and social justice. He also will share his perspective on how healthcare management education can make a difference. Register here to attend this event offered at no cost.

Thank you for your commitment to advancing the quality of healthcare management education and for all you do to foster ethical leadership in the next generation of leaders. I look forward to seeing you at this event.

Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE
President & CEO
Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education

Announcing the CAHME 2021 Award Recipients (1/25/2021)

Along with our generous corporate partners, foundations, and personal donations, we take great pride in recognizing deserving CAHME-accredited programs and students through our CAHME Awards program.

This year’s recipients will be honored during ACHE Virtual Congress on March 22-25, 2021, and are acknowledged in the January 25, 2021 edition of Modern Healthcare. These programs and students reflect our mission of advancing the quality of healthcare management education.

The University of Washington Master of Health Administration Program is the 2021 CAHME/Canon Solutions America Award recipient. The award is inspired by Canon Solutions America’s contributions to a sustainable society. The award recognizes the significant influence of education on creating sustainable, inclusive and socially responsible healthcare organizations.

UW’s program incorporates sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion in their teaching, research, and community engagement. UW fosters independence, and leadership working toward a sustainable future in the industry and the communities they serve. Learn more about their program here.

Priyanka Santhapuram is the recipient of the 2021 CAHME/Dawn Gideon Foundation Scholarship. The $2,500 scholarship is named for Dawn Gideon, a graduate of a CAHME-accredited program at the University of Pittsburgh, who devoted her career to helping healthcare organizations succeed.

Priyanka was nominated by Karen Charron, Assistant MHA Director at Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health. Priyanka is pursuing an MHA degree. Priyanka remains focused on the realities of the social determinants of health by addressing the gaps through creative methods. She is a self-starting woman working towards a healthcare leadership career. Read Priyanka’s full story here.

Haley Kirby and Jennifer Raichle are the recipients of the 2021 CAHME/Tim Campbell Scholarship. The $3,000 scholarship for each recipient honors Tim Campbell, a business leader and CAHME board member, who believed that true success is measured through relationships that help others reach their full potential.

Haley was nominated by Bankole Olatosi, PhD, MHA Program Director at the University of South Carolina, Arnold School of Public Health. Haley is pursuing an MHA degree. She plans to use the competencies and experiences gained from her Master’s degree to improve healthcare delivery. She is driven to create voices for rural patients and communities. Read Haley’s full story here.

Jennifer was nominated by Richard H. Gregg, MA, MBA, Director of Programs in Health Administration at Suffolk University, Sawyer Business School. Jennifer is pursuing an MHA degree. She plans to continue to care for those in need, while studying how to the lead the next generation. She is a selfless leader devoted to giving back. Read Jennifer’s full story here.

Meaghan Hart is the recipient of the 2021 CAHME/Judy Baar Topinka Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship awards $2,000 to a graduate student in healthcare management education at a CAHME-accredited program active in serving the community around COVID-19. The award is named in memory of Judy Baar Topinka, who dedicated herself to a lifetime of public service to the people of the State of Illinois.

Meaghan was nominated by Mark J. Bittle, MHA Program Director at Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health. Meaghan is pursuing an MHA degree. She showed empathy and humility by bringing comfort to thousands during this difficult time. She embodies the spirit of public service and advocacy, and desires to make a difference as a compassionate healthcare executive. Read Meaghan’s fully story here.

Okunsogie Jessica Osaze and Mohammed Alzeen are the recipients of the 2021 CAHME/Pristine Home Care Student Essay Contest Scholarship. The scholarship awards $1,500 to the first-place student author, and $500 to the runner-up, for addressing barriers to healthcare in the current environment with a focus on home care.

Jessica was nominated by Sue Boren, PhD, MHA, Professor and Director of Academic Programs at the University of Missouri School of Medicine. Jessica is pursuing an MHA degree. Her essay addresses the importance of meeting the cultural needs of patients in their homes with cultural humility interventions at the macro, mezzo, and micro levels. Read Jessica’s essay here.

Mohammed was nominated by D. Chris Nesser, PhD, Director of Health Administration at University of the Incarnate Word, HEB School of Business and Administration. Mohammed is pursuing an MHA degree. His essay discusses the social determinants of health and its influence on health outcomes. Read Mohammed’s essay here.

For more information, visit

Congratulations to all of the winning programs and students!

Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE
President & CEO
Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education

Case Study Development: Cleveland Clinic & FIU Create Patient Experience Case Study (1/4/2021)

Cleveland Clinic Florida, Florida International University faculty & graduate students, and The Beryl Institute review their creative process on “A Primer for Developing Case Studies” on the next (FREE) session of CAHME Mentorship Circle (CMC) Webinar series.

Miriam Weismann, JD, Clinical Director of the Healthcare MBA Program at FIU, and Osmel Delgado, COO of the Cleveland Clinic Florida collaborated on the creation of a case study: “Cleveland Clinic Florida ‘pay for performance’ reimbursement: why the best care does not always make the happiest patients”, used in FIU’s MBA program.

Jason Wolf, PhD, President and CEO of the Beryl Institute, will illustrate how the realism of the case has implications for the students entering the profession.

This session ALSO involves FIU students to provide a perspective on how the case supplemented academic theory with practitioner reality. CAHME programs are strongly encouraged to share this event with students in their program to understand how case studies are used in the classroom.

As an added bonus for attendees, CAHME will provide a complimentary link to the published case study (thanks to Emerald Publishing and FIU). The link is shared only to those who attend the live event on February 17, 2021 at 2:30 PM ET. Register here at no cost for the session. For more information, contact Melissa Cross, Education Coordinator, at

We are thankful for all CMC programs in sharing their approaches to advance the quality of healthcare management education.

Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE
President & CEO
Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education

CAHME: Thankful for Your Support in 2020 (12/14/2020)

As we end 2020, my thoughts go back to March when the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. COVID-19 impacted healthcare and higher education professions, and thus students, educators, patients, caregivers, providers and families. Heroes were redefined; we saw courage and nobility in the nurses on the floor, technicians, a neurosurgeon doing a shift in the ER, the healthcare CEOs working to ensure the safety of their team and patients, students in our program pausing their careers to do hands-on work in their community, and faculty adapting to new technologies to meet their personal mission of educating the leaders of tomorrow. 2020 is a year many of us cannot wait to forget, but the adaptability of people will be with me for a long time.

The thousands of healthcare management students learned a valuable lesson guided by the faculty of accredited programs. Their experiences will change them, and just perhaps, create a greater sense of community in the future leaders of healthcare.

CAHME worked to accelerate meeting our mission of advancing the quality of healthcare management education. Among our 2020 highlights:

CAHME Accreditation has never been more coveted. 118 programs are accredited, up from 106 in December 2019. 26 programs are in candidacy and 18 are in the initial stages of pursuing accreditation. 7 programs are Certified in Healthcare Quality & Safety (HQS), and two have started their self-study year leading to the goal of accreditation.

CAHME is working through the accreditation process with global programs in Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Greece, and Georgia.

CAHME volunteers conducted 22 site visits, and saw an average satisfaction score of 4.8 on a 5 point scale. In this time of needing to define how to do virtual site visits, our site visitors made it happen.

The Core Learning Center (CLC) transformed the venerable in-person Bootcamp to a completely online subscription-based experience. We exceeded expectation with more than 100 subscribers. Our accreditation-focused content grew from 0 to 21 educational sessions, and more to come in 2021.
CAHME Advanced Search  was released, enabling prospective students, employers and university-based programs to compare and evaluate the performance and outcomes of graduate programs in healthcare management.  This gift to the industry signals a new era of transparency for CAHME-Accredited programs.

Through the generosity of our Board, corporate partners, and private foundations, our scholarship and award programs expanded. The  Canon Solutions America’s Sustainability Award entered its 5th year, joined by scholarships by the Dawn Gideon Foundation (5 years), friends of Tim Campbell (4 years), and Judy Baar Topinka Foundation (3 years). With Pristine Home Care, CAHME established a Student Essay Contest. As the Blue Ribbon panels conclude their work, we plan to name the 2021 winning programs and students in Modern Healthcare in the first quarter of 2021 and celebrate along with our event sponsor ACHE at their virtual Congress.

With the support of  Peregrine Global Services CAHME produced a Competency Assessment white paper in March 2020, and is finalizing a white paper on Global Responses to COVID-19.

The CAHME Mentorship Circle (CMC) grew to 24 programs, and several programs are applying in early 2021. Six new CMC Webinar sessions featured Saint Louis University, Cornell University, University of Missouri, Rush University, Columbia University, and Seton Hall University. CMC is all about best practices and sharing approaches to improve the profession.

Four new staff members joined the team: Melissa Cross, Education Coordinator; Dana Alexander, Program Relations and Marketing Coordinator; Virinder Mann, Implementation Assistant; and Khander Haque, Global Fellow. We were able to expand by cutting non-productive assets (like office space), and moved these resources to investing in helping programs better meet their missions.

Mostly, though, I want to acknowledge our Corporate Members and sponsors who support our mission, the 250+ volunteers each year, in a variety of roles – site visitor, board member, task forces, committees, Global Advisory Council, Healthcare Quality and Safety Advisory Council, Standards Council and Accreditation Council. I have to acknowledge our staff who are working through COVID-19 to meet our mission.  Each of our stakeholders are invaluable to CAHME and its mission of advancing the quality of healthcare management education.  It is humbling to think that the work we do each year will guide future leaders to help make healthcare better and improve lives.  

On behalf of everyone at CAHME, we  wish you happy and healthy holidays!  And better days ahead.

Be safe,

Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE
President & CEO
Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education

CAHME Announces Fall 2020 Accreditation Decisions (11/23/2020)

Accreditation is at the core of CAHME’s mission to advance the quality of healthcare management education. Achieving CAHME Accreditation is the culmination of significant effort on the part of healthcare management programs and demonstrates that programs meet our criteria and high standards as established by leading academics and practitioners.

I am pleased to announce that after thorough and careful deliberation, the CAHME Board of Directors approved the initial accreditation of Florida A&M University’s (FAMU), Master of Health Administration program.

“The process of becoming accredited by CAHME has helped to improve the program. We believe that being CAHME-accredited says to our students and to the employers who will hire them that FAMU is preparing our graduates to be well equipped to succeed as leaders in healthcare. The program faculty under the direction of the program coordinator, Dr. Marisa Lewis, are also proud that with this accreditation, FAMU now has the notoriety of being the only HBCU with a CAHME-accredited program”, said Jullet (Jaye) Davis Weaver, PhD, MHA, FAMU Professor and Division Director.

The Board also re-accredited nine programs (all of these programs were re-accredited for the maximum seven years):

No matter where these programs take place—whether on campus or in virtual settings—we are proud of the quality of these programs and their commitment to our mission. In total, 118 programs meet CAHME’s accreditation standards, and 7 programs are certified in healthcare quality and safety. Visit to learn more about all CAHME-accredited programs.

On behalf of the CAHME Board of Directors, congratulations to these institutions and their leadership for meeting our high standards, and for joining with all CAHME programs to advance the quality of healthcare management education.

Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE
President & CEO
Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education

CAHME Accredited Programs Excel in Case Competitions (11/9/2020)

COVID-19 brought challenges requiring finding solutions to complex issues. Leading programs have taken this opportunity to prepare future health leaders with the necessary skills to innovate. For example, case competitions offer a unique “real world” educational experience for students to apply their classroom skills, to collaborate, and to engage with industry executives.

This past week, Anthony Stanowski, CAHME President & CEO, attended the Penn State Case Competition and the Seton Hall/HPMSNJ Case Competition, and was impressed with the creativity and approaches of participating student teams. The commitment of the faculty that prepared the teams is noteworthy.

The CAHME website tracks major case competitions. CAHME-Accredited programs finished first in 100% of the top 20 case competitions in academic year 2019-20, including at competitions at schools/organizations that that are not CAHME-Accredited. Tellingly, teams from CAHME-Accredited programs came in first, second, or third 90% of the time. This is not surprising! CAHME-Accredited programs excel because programs that are CAHME-Accredited seek to ensure the quality of education available to students and are in continuous peer-review based process to advance the quality of healthcare management education.

This academic year, many competitions moved to virtual events, and some postponed. Seton Hall’s Anne Hewitt, PhD, Program Director and Professor; Nalin Johri, PhD, Assistant Professor; and executives from RWJ Barnabas, The Healthcare Planning and Marketing Society of New Jersey, Cranford Park Rehabilitation, PRISM Vision Group and Veralon Consulting participate in an exclusive session that discusses the organization of the case competition, and how practitioners play a key role in the competition. The Seton Hall team will also explain how they made the transition to virtual. This CAHME Mentorship Circle (CMC) session is called: “Case Competitions 101: Your Guide to Hosting a Virtual Case Competition”. IT is available to all at no cost on Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at 11:00 AM EST. Register here.

“Each year, I have the privilege of observing case competitions. It is impossible to not be impressed at the quality of the presenters; each one makes me feel optimistic about the future of healthcare leadership to preserve the health of our communities”, said Anthony Stanowski, CAHME President & CEO.

For more information on Case Competitions, go to

How to Host a Virtual Healthcare Case Competition in the Era of COVID-19 (10/26/2020)

On October 1, 2020, the CAHME Board welcomed the MHA program at University of the Incarnate Word’s H-E-B School of Business and Administration as a member of the CAHME Mentorship Circle (CMC).

The CAHME Board created the CMC designation to further CAHME’s mission of advancing the quality of healthcare management education. CMC programs demonstrate a commitment to excellence not only to their own programs, but across the broader field of healthcare management education. CMC designation is an honor and a responsibility.

The CMC webinar series features CMC programs that share best practices. Seton Hall University will host the next CMC session: “Case Competitions 101: Your Guide to Hosting a Virtual Case Competition” on Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at 11:00 AM EST. The session includes business strategies, sponsorships, partnerships with local associations, advisory board input, and moving the case competition to a virtual environment. You will hear from Seton Hall’s Anne Hewitt, PhD, Acting Chair and Professor; Nalin Johri, PhD, Acting Program Director and Assistant Professor; and executives from Hackensack Meridian Health,  RWJ BarnabasThe Healthcare Planning and Marketing Society of New JerseyCranford Park RehabilitationPRISM Vision Group, St Joseph’s Health, Ocean County Public Health Department, and Veralon Consulting as to how practitioners played a key role in the competition. Register to attend the session here at no cost.

The Department of Health Policy & Management at Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health, was featured in the CMC’s  session released on October 23, entitled “The Consulting Practice: Bridging Theory and Practice”. The session focuses on HPM’s Consulting Practice course which provides students with a professional consulting experience working directly with senior client representatives on a current strategic, policy, marketing, or operational challenge. CAHME’s subscription-base Core Learning Center is hosting an add-on special live Q&A with Marni Selman, J.D., Director of the MHA and Executive Programs and Adjunct Lecturer; David Rosenthal, PhD, Associate Professor and Faculty Director; John S. Winkleman, Director of the Consulting Practice and Lecturer; and Karen Garrett, MBA, Associate Director of the Health System Simulation and Adjunct Lecturer. This exclusive live Q&A event is available to CLC subscribers on January 8, 2021 at 10:30 AM ET.

Previous CMC webinar recordings are available at Exclusive bonus content, including Columbia University’s live Q&A, requires a CLC subscription. For more information, contact Melissa Cross, Education Coordinator, at

Expert Advice On Preparing For Accreditation – NOW On The CLC (10/12/2020)

More than 100 individuals attended the first LIVE session of our new CAHME Playbook Series on our Core Learning Center (CLC). The session titled: “The Art of Communicating Before the Site Visit” features former CAHME Accreditation Chairs, Dan West, PhD (University of Scranton), Karen Wager, DBA (Medical University of South Carolina), and Bill Tuttle, DSc (Baptist College of Health Sciences and Retired Vice President Baptist Memorial Healthcare). CAHME’s VP for Accreditation Operations and Counsel Eric Brichto, JD, led a lively discussion of best practices in how site visitors communicate with programs, and how program directors can prepare in the time leading up to the site visit. Topics included tone setting, red flags, and transitions to a virtual site visit.

The full session is available on CAHME’s subscription-based Core Learning Center. We are providing a free preview excerpt of Karen Wager, DBA, discussing how to initiate communication with the site visit team after receiving the site visitor team assignment

The next live session in the Playbook Series takes place on November 20, 2020 at 2:30 PM EST. The session will focus on how healthcare executives play an essential role for programs to meet three of CAHME’s standards: (1) “The Program will involve students, alumni, and practitioners in appropriate areas of Program decision-making and evaluation,” (2) “The Program will monitor changes in the health sector, the University environment, and management theory and practice and adjust its mission, goals, objectives and competency model as necessary,” and (3) their role in fostering a culture of diversity and inclusiveness in the learning environment. Session panelists will include leading practitioners:

  • Denise Brooks-Williams, MHA, SVP & CEO, North Market Henry Ford Health System;
  • Mario Garner, MHA, President, CHI St. Luke’s Vintage Hospital.
  • Mark Herzog, MHSA, Executive in Residence, University of Michigan, and President, Herzog Advisory Group;
  • David Rubenstein, MHA, Clinical Associate Professor – Health Administration, Texas State University; and
  • Rulon Stacey, PhD, Director of Graduate Program in Health Administration, University of Colorado, and Partner, Guidehouse.

Playbook sessions are designed to offer expert-led insight and discussion. The live events allow time for attendees to engage in a Q&A with the panelists. The Playbook Series library is exclusive only to CLC subscribers.

CAHME’s Playbook Series, Accreditation Basics, Expert Perspectives and other bonus materials require a CLC subscription. To enroll, visit For more information, contact Melissa Cross, Education Coordinator, at