Recruitment Process

A cohort of Fellows is selected each year on a competitive basis after a national call for applications. Both faculty members of programs in healthcare management and practicing healthcare administrators are invited to submit applications. Ideally, a practitioner should be a graduate of an accredited program and/or maintain a formal affiliation with an CAHME-accredited or candidate program.

The national call for applications will be distributed not later than June 1 of each year. There is no deadline for applications. An application is complete only when the Commission has received the entire application packet as listed here .

Selection Process

The President and CEO of CAHME will review all complete applications. Applications will be rated on an individual and aggregate scale. Each applicant will be assessed using the following criteria:

• Demonstrated interest in higher education accreditation.
• Ability to contribute to the activities of CAHME
• Potential to contribute to the field of healthcare management.
• Demonstrated written and oral communication skills.
• Apparent organizational ability.
• Adequate word processing and e-accreditation system skills to support a team in writing site visit reports.

Based upon the ratings, the Accreditation Council and CEO make the final selection for the cohort of Fellows. The new Fellows will be notified no later than one month after the Accreditation Council meeting at which the Fellows are accepted.

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