CAHME Accreditation Fellowship Program FAQs

What is the CAHME Accreditation Fellowship?
The Accreditation Fellowship program began in 1972 with the support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Since then, Fellows have played a critical role in the accreditation process. The Fellowship program is designed for individuals who demonstrate the potential to make significant contributions to the field of healthcare management education. By fully participating in the Commission activities, the Fellow learns firsthand about the progress, problems, and potential of evaluation in professional education.

What does a CAHME Fellow do?
The CAHME Fellow is critical to the core of CAHME Operations. They travel on at least two accreditation site visits within a four-year period and serve as the coordinator and reporter of the visit. They attend at least one Accreditation Council meeting during their tenure as a Fellow and participate in the Fellowship Training programs within the CAHME Core Learning Center.

What are the benefits of being a CAHME Fellow?
They get the opportunity to work with highly regarded practitioners from major organizations in the health care industry and with academicians from leading healthcare education programs. They participate in all CAHME activities and learn about the process, achievements, and challenges of evaluating professional education.

Who is eligible to be a CAHME Fellow?
An individual with an advanced degree in healthcare management and superior communication skills, who has the potential to make significant contributions to healthcare management education.

How long will I serve?
The term of the appointment of the fellowship begins after approval by the Accreditation Council and continues indefinitely as long as the following criteria are met: (1) Current on education around CAHME accreditation policies (measured by completion of the respective Core Learning Center modules as designated); (2) Visit at least 2 programs in the most recent 4 year period; (3) Maintain a satisfaction score of 4.0; (4) Attendance of at least one Accreditation Council meeting during the tenure as a Fellow.

Do I get paid?
The CAHME Accreditation Fellowship is a voluntary, non-paid position. All expenses incurred while on CAHME business are borne by CAHME.

How do I apply?
Applications are accepted throughout the year for appointments that begin either in the Fall or the Spring each year. Visit the application page for more information.

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