Apply for the CAHME Accreditation Fellowship Program

In applying for the Fellowship, an applicant commits to at least twenty work-days for site visits and Commission meetings. In most cases, these commitments will involve travel away from the Fellow’s residence and primary worksite. In addition, each Fellow commits to being available twenty to twenty-five days in preparing and editing Site Visit Reports. Each Fellow must have proficiency in using Microsoft Suite products and be trained on CAHME’s accreditation system.

Fellow applications are accepted throughout the year. The following documents should be emailed to the CAHME Director of Finance and Operations, Melissa Sanseverino ( with the subject line “CAHME Fellowship Application”:

      1. A letter of intent describing the reasons for your interest in becoming a CAHME Fellow, the expected benefits from the Fellowship in terms of your familiarity or relationship to health administration or health related field, and your level of experience with word processing software;
      2. Your most recent curriculum vitae 
      3. A letter of endorsement from an appropriate university official or employer indicating the willingness to provide release time for you to participate in Commission activities. (Note that this is not necessary if the Fellow applicant is retired).

After submitting these three application documents, Fellow applicants will need to perform the following two tasks:

      1. Complete all education materials as defined by CAHME management as available on CAHME’s Core Learning Center.
      2. Attend one site visit as an Observer and two site visits as a Team Member

After all application documents are submitted and the necessary tasks are performed, Fellow applicants will then be submitted for approval by the Accreditation Council.  The Accreditation Council meets twice annually, in the Fall and the Spring. The new Fellows will be notified no later than one month after the Accreditation Council meeting at which the Fellows are accepted.

Once approved as a Fellow, to maintain ongoing eligibility, Fellows are required to: 

      1. Remain current on their education around CAHME accreditation policies, measured by the completion of the respective Core Learning Center modules as designated. 
      2. Visit at least 2 programs in the most recent 4-year period.
      3. Maintain a satisfaction score of 4.0.
      4. Attend of at least one Accreditation Council meeting during their tenure as a Fellow (attendance via telephone is acceptable). 

The CAHME Accreditation Fellowship is a voluntary, non-paid position. All expenses incurred while on CAHME business are borne by CAHME.

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