Khandker Ahmedul Haque, CAPM, MPH
Khandker Ahmedul Haque, CAPM, MPH, MBBS

Global Fellow



Khandker (“Haque”) is CAHME’s Global Fellow from January 2021 through June 30 2021. In this role, Haque will work to expand CAHME’s footprint globally through thought leadership and relationship development. Khandker has worked in public health and clinical medicine for a variety of organizations in multiple countries. Khandker started his dual degree MHA-MBA (major in Healthcare Management) program at the University of Scranton in 2018. Prior to his time at Scranton University, Khandker worked as a Registered Polysomnography Technologist in Canada in different Sleep Clinics in Toronto.

Before going to Trinidad & Tobago (where he served UNDP and local health authority as physician) Khandker managed maternal child health & family planning program as a physician for Government of Bangladesh in different parts of Bangladesh. He completed his MPH while working in Bangladesh. Khandker established a surveillance system and routine immunization system in the densely populated Dhaka peri urban area of 1.6 million population. Before leaving Bangladesh, he served WHO and UNICEF in Sudan and Pakistan in the polio eradication program with disease surveillance training from US Center of Disease Control (CDC) at Atlanta. Dr. Haque also received a training on Epidemiological Methods in Planning & Evaluating Health Services from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Khandker believes healthcare is one of the most dynamic industries. Khandker is interested in clinical operations, population health management, project management, patient safety and quality experience, artificial intelligence, and telehealth.