CAHME Tim Campbell Scholarship Honorarium

The CAHME/Tim Campbell Scholarship
The CAHME/Tim Campbell Scholarship is named for Tim Campbell, a CAHME board member who personified a commitment to service and volunteerism.  Tim believed in hard work and selfless service in his professional and personal life, and believed that true success is measured through relationships that help others reach their full potential.

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The 2022 CAHME/Tim Campbell Scholarship Honoree

Jarrell Mahusay  is the 2022 recipient of the 2021 CAHME/Tim Campbell Scholarship. Jarrell is a first-generation student who served the country for five years. After he had to discontinue service due to an injury, he continued his passion to serve by volunteering. He helped serve impoverished communities, which included free healthcare services to those in need. He was also a military liaison where he provided volunteer opportunities to the military community. He values “servant leadership” and is the president of the Health Administration Student Association (HASA). Through HASA, he helped students navigate the effects of COVID-19. He also established the UNF Case Competition Club to help support student learning experiences.

Jarrell was nominated by Dr. Rob Haley, Director of the Master in Health Administration Program and an Professor with the University of North Florida’s Brooks College of Health’s Department of Health Administration.

Past Winners

The 2021 CAHME/Tim Campbell Scholarship Honorees

Haley Kirby is a recipient of the 2021 CAHME/Tim Campbell Scholarship. Growing up in rural Alabama, Haley saw firsthand how difficult it can be for people to access healthcare. Watching those in who are underserved  struggle with their health inspired her to receive a degree in healthcare to facilitate change in her community.   

Haley became an EMT prior to college to help those in her community who were suffering from disease as a result of lack of access to care. During her undergraduate degree, she volunteered at a medical clinic in Costa Rica, where she worked to improve the health services and education of poor communities. As a graduate student, she works with the Patient Engagement Studio (PES) at the University of South Carolina,  where she helps to improve health research and population health in all communities.  

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Haley plans to use the competencies and experiences gained from her Master’s degree to improve healthcare delivery. She is driven to create voice for rural patients and communities.  

Haley was nominated by Bankole Olatosi, PhD, MHA Program Director at the University of South Carolina, Arnold School of Public Health. Haley is pursuing an MHA degree.  

Jennifer Raichle is a recipient of the 2021 CAHME/Tim Campbell Scholarship. From a young age, Jennifer learned the value of service and volunteerism. She became the fifth generation in her family to serve in the Army, becoming a full-time active solider by age 19. Jennifer became the first woman in the conventional U.S. ground forces to cross into Iraq, where she made history at the furthest deployed female in modern ground warfare. She traveled the world, meeting new people from every walk of like to help stop terrorist attacks and prevent future wars.  

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After 21 years of service, she retired from the army. She briefly worked in the corporate world, but decided she wasn’t fulfilled if she wasn’t helping others.  She became an EMT and enrolled in the MHA program at Suffolk University. When the pandemic struck, she was one of the first EMT’s in the state to administer tests to patients outside of the hospital setting. She now works with Tufts University, where she develops policies for students who are deemed at risk of contracting COVID-19.  

Jennifer plans to care for those in need, while studying how to the lead the next generation. She is a selfless leader devoted to giving back.  

Jennifer was nominated by Richard H. Gregg, MA, MBA, Director of Programs in Health Administration at Suffolk University, Sawyer Business School. Jennifer is completing her MHA degree. 

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The 2020 CAHME/Tim Campbell Scholarship Honoree

Rodricka Brice-Curry realized the importance of compassion at a young age when she began helping others through community service. This inspired her to join the Air Force later in life where she strongly identifies with “Service before Self,” one of the branches core values.

Serving in the Air Force provides her with the opportunity to fulfill her commitment of service beyond her local community by helping people all around the world. She also serves as a Certified Respiratory Therapist at Langley Air Force Base and was recently named Volunteer of the Year in her Medical Group, for accumulating over 300 hours of community service while working with several community and faith-based organizations.

Brice-Curry earned her BA in Business Administration from Kentucky State University and is currently pursuing her MHA at Des Moines University. The happily married mother of one (born on Christmas 2017) has aligned her professional career goal – to work in hospital administration – with her ambitions to become an Air Force commissioned officer.

The 2019 CAHME/Tim Campbell Scholarship Honoree

Kwamane Liddell is an Administrative Fellow at CommonSpirit Health (formerly Dignity Health). He began his career in healthcare as a janitor after he dropped out of college in 2010. The experience inspired him to pursue nursing, and Kwamane soon became the first African American Male to graduate from the Southern Illinois University School of Nursing at Carbondale. As a trauma nurse, he had first-hand experiences of how inequities within minority communities impact their health outcomes. That exposure fostered his interest in developing as a leader, and he pursued a dual Juris Doctor and Master of Health Administration at Saint Louis University. Kwamane uses mentorship and visibility to improve the communities that he serves and has engaged more than 500 students in the last three years. He develops programs at high schools in underserved communities and invites young professionals that fit the students’ demographics to engage in interactive discussions about careers, personal finance, and life lessons. Kwamane loves to hear stories and ideas that students share, and he hopes to assist them as they continue to explore their talents.

The (2018) First CAHME/Tim Campbell Scholarship Honoree

The 2018 winner of the CAHME/Tim Campbell Scholarship is Jay McCutcheon, an MHA student at the University of Memphis Health Administration Program. While pursuing his studies, Jay serves as a member of the Tennessee Army National Guard. He also volunteers with his school’s MHA Student Association which connects students to local serve local programs such as the Ronald McDonald House. Jay is known as a “focused, mission-driven servant leader.”

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