Exclusive Industry Partnerships ( For Students )

1. No cost access to Modern Healthcare Digital Subscription . 

Thanks to our friends at Modern Healthcare, students in CAHME-accredited programs and CAHME Certified programs in Quality and Safety are eligible to receive a complimentary Modern Healthcare Classic Subscription. This is an important resource for students and helps to advance the quality of healthcare management education.

2. No cost access AHA Personal Membership Groups.

The American Hospital Association offers students in CAHME-accredited programs and CAHME Certified programs in Quality and Safety special  free access to AHA Professional Membership Groups.

AHA Professional Membership Groups offer students access to networking, emerging news, and resources to support students in their coursework. Students will find that participating in an AHA Professional Membership Group provides a competitive edge in advancing their careers. Membership includes access to the coveted  AHA Futurescan report that identifies important trends in healthcare. 

3. No cost access to selected services at MGMA .

CAHME partnered with our Corporate Member, the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), to offer students in CAHME-accredited programs and CAHME Certified programs in Healthcare Quality and Safety free access to membership in MGMA.

Student members will receive access to hundreds of resources and a suite of benefits that will help them better understand medical practice management, empowering them with the tools they need as they acquire their degree, and better equipping them for their work in the healthcare industry. To review the benefits, visit mgma.com/cahme.

How To Access

Students should contact program directors at their CAHME-Accredited Program for more information on how to access.  Students must go through their program directors to access these benefits; you can not apply to CAHME directly.

For more information about these benefits, contact CAHME’s Communications and Engagement Manager Dana Alexander at 301-298-1820 Ext 6 or email dalexander@cahme.org.