Pristine Home Care Student Essay Contest

Meet The Blue Ribbon Panel

CAHME and Pristine Home Care are proud to announce an essay competition open to all graduate students from CAHME-Accredited programs and CAHME Certified Healthcare Quality and Safety programs. Student essays must be submitted by program directors to CAHME; each program is permitted to submit up to two essays per program.

The essay encourages students to address barriers to healthcare in the current environment with a focus on home care. Students have the opportunity to select from two thought provoking prompts.

The 2021 CAHME/Pristine Home Care Scholarship Honorees

Okunsogie Jessica Osaze  is the first-place recipient of the 2021 CAHME/Pristine Home Care Student Essay Contest Scholarship. Her essay addresses the importance of meeting the cultural needs of patients in their homes with cultural humility interventions at the macros, mezzo, and micro levels. 

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Jessica was nominated by Sue Boren, PhD, MHA, Professor and Director of Academic Programs at the University of Missouri, School of Medicine. She is pursuing an MHA degree. Read Essay

Mohammed Alzeen is the runner-up recipient of the 2021 CAHME/Pristine Home Care Student Essay Contest Scholarship. Mohammed is pursuing an MHA degree. His essay discusses the social determinants of health and its influence on health outcomes.

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Mohammed was nominated by D. Chris Nesser, PhD, Director of Health Administration at the University of the Incarnate Word, HEB School of Business and Administration. Read Essay

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For close to 30 years, the founders of Pristine Home Care, LLC have built their roots into the Philadelphia, PA community. The compassion and dedication to community began long before the inception of a home care service. Pristine moves forward based on doctoral research that reveals that there is a great shift taking place in how our loved ones should receive care. Institutional health care no longer works and a personalized approach to care delivery takes its place. Pristine embraces the culture and philosophy of person-centered care and believes that each individual is unique and that the care they receive should be to. Aging represents the accumulation of changes in a human being over time; encompassing physical, psychological and social change. We celebrate the spirit of each individual and commit to helping you and your family overcome any challenging obstacle you may face providing care to your loved one. At Pristine Home Care, LLC we truly believe that your family is our family! For more information, visit

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