University of Scranton
Commission On Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education

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Residential: MHA   First Accreditation: 1997
Last Site Visit:
Spring 2013
Next Site Review:
Spring 2020
Program Information   Contact Information
Panuska College of Professional Studies
Department of Health Administration & Human Resources
Master of Health Administration

Steven J. Szydlowski, DHA, MBA, MHA
Program Director
University of Scranton, Residential Program
Graduate Health Administration 413 McGurrin Hall Scranton, PA 18510
Phone: (570)941-4367
Fax: (570)941-5882

Program Statistics *
2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
Enrolled Students
Full Time 101 240
Part Time 2 4
Total 103 244
Enrolled Student Healthcare Experience (number)
No healthcare experience N/A 73
1 – 3 years of healthcare experience N/A 85
More than 3 years of healthcare experience N/A 90
Applications and Admissions
Applications Received 116 258
Applicants Offered Admission 65 N/A
Applicants Enrolling 36 120
Acceptance Rate (Offered/Applications) 56% N/A
Yield (Enrolled/Offered) 55% N/A
Enrollment Rate (Enrolled/Applications) 31% 46%
On-Time Class Graduation (Percent) 94% N/A
Median Entering Class Scores
GPA 3.30 3.34
GRE Quantitative N/A N/A
GRE Verbal N/A N/A
Placement Of Graduating Class Within 3 Months
In Fellowship (Percent) N/A N/A
Total Placed (Percent) 86% N/A
Required Graduation hours/units(number) 39 49
Elective Graduation hours/units (number) 6 3
Quarter or Semester Semester Semester
Classes offered online (number) 7 19
Is Residency required for graduation? yes yes
Is Fellowship required for graduation? yes yes
Median Salary Of Graduating Class
Reporting Students 31 21
Fellowship N/A N/A
Jobs $45,000 $68,560
Program Faculty (Number)
Full Time 5 9
Part Time 0 0
Adjunct 9 9
Total 14 18
* CAHME is providing this data from reports submitted by programs. For all information, past performance does not guarantee future results. Income data is provided for comparison and does not indicate the salaries that you will receive. Students performance may vary. N/A represents that the program did not report this information.
Accreditation Summary Report
Program Annotation

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