The Purpose of Candidacy

The CAHME Candidacy Program, which allows a program to be considered for Candidate Status, is designed to establish communication, assistance and continuity between CAHME and programs in healthcare management seeking CAHME accreditation. The “Candidate” designation indicates that a program has voluntarily committed to participate in a systematic plan of quality enhancement and continuous improvement so that CAHME accreditation is a feasible and operational objective within five years. However, Candidacy status does not indicate accredited status, nor does it guarantee eventual accreditation.

Benefits of Candidacy

A program in healthcare management that has been accepted for CAHME Candidacy has made a commitment to quality enhancement and continuous improvement through a focus on attaining accredited status from CAHME. The Candidate program will benefit from:

  • Ongoing support from CAHME that fosters continuous improvement
  • A process that minimizes non-productive or misdirected efforts by the program

CAHME will benefit from the participation of programs in Candidacy by expanding its knowledge and reference base for quality enhancement and continuous improvement goals and practices. This base will provide helpful illustrations for use in the training and workshops offered to programs, Accreditation Council members, and Site Visit Team Members.

Considering Candidacy

Programs interested in CAHME accreditation must submit an eligibility application on the eAccreditation system. A letter of intent to apply for Candidacy should be submitted to CAHME’s eAccreditation system. The letter of intent should be signed by the Program Director and the Chief Administrative Officer of the University or designated representative. This letter should include an expression of the programs’s commitment and indication of institutional support to achieve accreditation. After being determined to be eligible, a Program may submit an application for Candidacy to CAHME.

If accepted into Candidacy, the program has five years to move from Candidacy to a site visit.  A Candidacy period, not to exceed four years, will be used to develop the self-study document and to prepare for the initial accreditation site visit.  The fifth year in candidacy is the Program’s latest possible designated Self – Study year. The candidacy period can be adapted to apply to a program’s stage of development; however a program must have admitted at least two classes before an application can be submitted and will have graduated two classes before the initial  accreditation site visit. Candidacy is an iterative process. Programs may receive a deferral on their application based on responses and information that does not indicate compliance with the CAHME accreditation criteria. This is the first step in continuous quality improvement and will help the program in the future.

Procedures for Entering the Candidacy Program

A program that is not accredited by CAHME moves into Candidacy Status by submitting an application for candidacy in the eAccreditation system. The eAccreditation system can be accessed at the following address: The application for candidacy summarizes the ability of the program to meet the accreditation criteria. The application will include:

The declarations made in the Eligibility Statement are subject to verification by CAHME Staff and the Site Visit Team.

Additional Information