Schedule of Fees

FY 2023 Fee Schedule Effective 07/01/2022
Annual Fees §
Enrolled Students
1-75 $5,500
76-200 $5,825
201-350 $6,425
351-500 $7,075
>500 $7,075
+ $5.25/ Student (Over 500)
Multi-modality* $ 850
Accreditation Appeal Fees
1st Level Appeal $9,500
2nd Level Appeal All direct & indirect costs
Other Fees
Initiation Fee

(For Newly Accredited Programs only, paid on notification of site visit date. If the program is not accredited after the initial site visit, subsequent site visit invoiced at 50% of the initiation fee.)

Initiation Fee: Additional Modality
(payable when modality is approved)
Consultative Campus Visit (Per Day) +expenses incurred $2,500
Site Visit Delay Fee
+expenses incurred (if any)
Site visitor travel expenses Invoiced as expense
Desk Review Fee

(The substantive change committee may recommend a desk review to evaluate if the second modality fits under the current accreditation determination.)

Core Learning Center Annual Subscription
Programs with application in process: $2,000
Programs in process of reaccreditation: $2,000
All other programs: $2,500
Late and Credit Card Fees
Annual Report
Self Study Report
Progress Report
$ 750
Payment late fees
(per month for accounts more than 90 days)
$ 250
Convenience fee for payment
by credit card
Candidate Programs and Application Fees
Candidacy Eligibility Fee $2,400
Candidacy Application Fee $5,125
Annual Maintenance Fee
(Applies to programs applying for Candidacy)
Candidacy Annual Fee
(Applies to programs approved into Candidacy)
Annual Supplemental
Fee Per Modality
$ 750
Initiation Per Modality
(if paid in Candidacy, the initiation fee for multi-modality is not invoiced again in Accreditation)
$ 1,375

§ Base Program Fee Based on Student Enrollment

* The Application process for Certification for Healthcare Quality and Safety sunsetted as of January 31, 2020 when Accreditation was activated. Only Founding Members are eligible for Certification. Ongoing CAHME Certification fees for Founding Members will be the HQS Founding member annual fee. Founders can maintain certification if meeting requirements until Accreditation is awarded and Founding Member status is active. HQS Accreditation fees are the same as in the Accreditation Fee Schedule.

* Multi-modality defined as: multi-campus program; multi-site (executive, online, residential); multiple tracks; multiple degrees under same administration. Fee is per modality, with each delivery modality starting at the second modality.