Fee Schedule Effective July 1, 2019
Annual Program Fee
Enrolled Students
1-75 $4,900
76-200 $5,200
201-500 $5,725
500-750 $6,250
>750 $6,250 & $5/ Student (Over 750)
Appeal Fees
1st Level Appeal $8,000
2nd Level Appeal All direct and indirect costs
Other Fees
Initiation Fee

(paid upon notification
of site visit date)**

Initiation Fee Additional Modality $1,000
Each Additional Modality* $500.00
Consultative Campus Visit (Per Day) +expenses incurred $2,000
Site Visit Delay Fee $3,900
Candidate Programs
Eligibility $2,050
Candidacy Acceptance $4,600
Annual Fee $2,250
Each Additional Modality $500
Quality and Safety Certification
Eligibility $2,050 ***
Certification Application $4,600 ***
Annual Fees $4,900
Each Additional Modality $500
Implementation fee per Modality $1,000
Annual Report Late Fees
Late fees: Annual programreports/ Self Study report documents/ Progress reports $600
Each additional month late $200

* Supplemental modalities include: multi-campus program; each delivery modality starting at 2nd (e.g. executive, online); multiple tracks; multiple degrees under same administration.

** If a new program is not accredited on its first effort, it will pay 50% of the Initiation Fee on subsequent tries.

*** Founding Members receive a discount on fees as designated, as well as a waiver of initial accreditation implementation fees (when available).