Site Visits

The accreditation survey, or site visit, is a key mechanism used by CAHME to assess the quality of a program. The site visit, in conjunction with the Self-Study Document, facilitates the accreditation decision of CAHME. The objectives of the site visit are:

  • To continue the self-study process with a thorough peer review process;
  • To provide on-site consultation with expert peers;
  • To ensure that the program under review complies with the Criteria for Accreditation; and
  • To exchange ideas and stimulate innovation in education for healthcare management through the sharing of information.

Site visits are scheduled for the following university programs in fall 2020:

Rutgers University
University of Cincinnati
Ferris State University
Hofstra University
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
University of Missouri
University of Southern California
Stony Brook University
Central Florida University
Lipscomb University
Saint Joseph’s University
New York University
University of Pittsburgh
University of Puerto Rico