Why CAHME is important to students

Students entering CAHME accredited programs are assured of appropriate content, high standards of quality and membership in a network of professional colleagues that transcends boundaries of universities and professional associations. Prospective students need to consider that the selection of a healthcare program is a function of their time and their tuition costs. Students need to examine how well a program will enable them to meet their future goals.

CAHME’s mission is to serve the public interest by advancing the quality of healthcare management education by:
• Setting measurable criteria for excellent healthcare management education
• Supporting, assisting and advising programs which seek to meet or exceed the criteria and continuously improve
• Accrediting graduate programs that meet or exceed the criteria
• Making this information easily available to interested constituencies

CAHME Values:
• Integrity
• Excellence
• Transparency
• Fairness
• Recognition

The Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) serves the public by advancing the quality of graduate healthcare management education globally. CAHME is an interdisciplinary group of educational, professional, clinical, and other health sector organizations devoted to quality improvement of education for healthcare management and administration professionals. For 50 years, CAHME accreditation has established the standard of measurement of graduate healthcare management education for the world community. More than 100 programs are CAHME accredited.

CAHME is the only organization recognized to grant accreditation to individual academic programs offering a professional master’s degree in healthcare management education by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. CAHME Accreditation is the benchmark for students and employers alike that ensure that students are well prepared to lead in healthcare management.

CAHME is a member of the Association of Specialized & Professional Accreditors (ASPA) and adheres to the ASPA Code of Good Practice.

Additional Information about CAHME Accreditation can be found here.

The ability to provide efficient and effective healthcare requires creative, knowledgeable and mission driven professionals. The task of ensuring the health of our communities and the quality of our healthcare system depends on continuous, unlimited access to, and the ability to attract the best and brightest talent for our profession.

For almost fifty years, CAHME, the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education, has worked with academic programs and healthcare practitioners to ensure that graduates entering the healthcare field have undergone an educational process meeting rigorous, measurable standards for effectiveness. The process includes formal academic training plus practical experiences enabling new graduates to quickly add value to an organization and grow into future leaders.

CAHME actively promotes continuous improvement in the preparation of future healthcare leaders by developing measurable, competency-based criteria for excellence in healthcare management.