Early on a student asked me what metrics we administrators used “back in the day” and I responded that “metrics” was not part of our the vocabulary! Due in large part to accreditation standards, the Program had evolved into a sophisticated algorithm to make certain graduates are fully prepared to succeed in the complex health care environment. This was just as Obamacare was being implemented and they were ready to deal with the rapidly changing healthcare trajectory, ambiguity, leadership roles, and yes, metrics of the new reality.

CAHME’s Competency Based standards were reinforced by my own Lessons Learned cases based on my experience at Liberty, Harvard case studies, and most importantly by my having invited my former students who are now C-Level executives to present “hot topic” cases for class discussion.

And now, post my second round at Baruch, I am still blogging case studies on my website Doctor, Did You Wash Your Hands?™ at http://DoctorDidYouWashYourHands.com/

Additional Information about CAHME Accreditation can be found here.