CMC Program Activity

CAHME Mentorship Circle Member Universities
University School Name Degree First year of Accreditation Most Recent
CMC Year Mentee Program Major Project
Hankamer School of Business/Robbins Institute for Health Policy and Leadership MBA 2010 2019 2018   Work with CAHME and AACSB to host a joint site visit in January 2019.  Help to create policies and procedures for ongoing joint site visits between CAHME and AACSB.
Present a session on how the Executive Leadership series effectively prepares students for future success.
Mailman School of Public Health MHA 2009 2015 2018 Mentor programs around how to prepare students for careers in consulting practices.   Provide learnings (white paper or webinar) on implementing a consulting practice course.  Share resources with interested programs around development of a “consulting practice” curriculum.
College of Human Ecology MHA 1968 2018 2018 Produce a CAHME-hosted webinar to share best practices to recruit underrepresented minorities to improve the diversity in the student body.
International University
College of Business MBA 2012 2016 2018 Concordia
Develop best practices documentation to assist other programs seeking CAHME online accreditation.
South Carolina
College of Health Professions MHA 1986 2017 2019 Pfeiffer
(a) Provide best practice cases about curriculum development, telehealth program, just culture initiatives, and certifications;
(b) Provide support for programs using Learning Information Management tools;
(c) Develop an undergraduate case competition
College of Health Sciences MS-HSM 1984 2013 2018 Establish a formal initiative to support excellence in  practitioner-teacher education and practice based learning, with a goal of improving performance in several key CAHME criteria.
Commit to producing annually at least one educational session/white paper/research project to contribute to the field’s ability to incorporate practitioners and practice-based learning into graduate education across settings.
Saint Louis University College For Public Health and Social Justice MHA 1968 2018 2018 Engage other programs in a Delphi approach review of the SLU Competency Model, an industry-standard competency model used by CAHME accredited programs.
Seton Hall
School of Health and Medical Sciences MHA 2013 2017 2018 Develop a mini-boot-camp video on faculty development.
Mentor a new program for CAHME accreditation.
Develop and host a case competition.
The Ohio State University College of Public Health MHA 1968 2017 2018 Continue the OSU case competition and leadership development symposium
University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Health Professions MSHA 1968 2015 2018 Continue to develop and grow the UAB case competition
University of
Central Florida
College of Community Innovation and Education MHA 2004 2014 2018 Share best practices around the concept of mentor pods which enable senior faculty mentors to help mentees (graduate students).
University of the Incarnate Word H-E-B School of Business and Administration MHA 2012 2018 2020 Mentor other programs entering candidacy.
Host webinars to share best practices in competency development and assessment.
Share best practices documentation with webinar attendees.
of Iowa
College of Public Health MHA 1968 2019 2018 Share best practice on the relationship between its mission, competency model, and competency assessment. Participate in the 2020 CAHME white paper around competency assessment approaches.
University of Kentucky College of Public Health MHA 1994 2019 2018 Outline the process used by UKY to collaborate with healthcare organizations.
Share a case study devleoped for the integrateive final exam.
Develop a bank of health administration cases to be used by CAHME-Accredited programs.
University of Memphis School of Public Health MHA 1991 2012 2018 Disseminate learnings from the “Day 2” advanced leadership series approach used to prepare students for healthcare management.
Host an annual webinar with CAHME for programs interested in improving their professional development services.
Host and work with other programs to view their on boarding retreat.
University of Michigan School of Public Health MHSA 1968 2014 2018 Florida
Agricultural & Mechanical
Develop a best practice case on integrating health management and health policy education
Present a best practice case on the summer enrichment programs.
Work with peer programs in the mid-west to develop a research mentorship program between senior and junior faculty.
University of Minnesota School of Public Health MHA 1968 2014 2018 Mentor programs specifically on comprehensive curriculum review to align courses, objectives, and competencies with what is needed in the profession.
Share best practices include: how the program “de-briefs” with students each semester, post graduation surveys, and precepor surveys.
University of Missouri School of Medicine MHA 1968 2013 2018 Annually, develop a best practice case study on the integration of informatics throughout the curriculum
University of
North Carolina
– Chapel Hill
Gillings School of Global Public Health MHA 1968 2016 2018 Develop materials to help programs in the areas of healthcare finance. Share approaches for how to advance diversity and inclusion in healthcare management education.
University of
North Florida
College of Health Professions MHA 1998 2016 2019 Montana State
Participate in the 2020 White Paper on competency assessment. Identify and mentor a global prorgram to become CAHME Accredited.
University of Pittsburgh Public Health MHA 1968 2013 2018 Samford Indentify and mentor global programs seeking accreditation.
Participate and lead development of the CAHME Learning Management System to help improve inter-rater reliability.
University of Scranton Panuska College of Professional Studies MHA 1997 2013 2018 University of
Georgia (Tbilisi)

Appalachian State University
Participate in developing CAHME’s Global Accreditation initiatives, including support of the CAHME Global Council.
Identify and mentor global programs as part of CAHME’s Global Accreditation Initiative
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Allied Health Professions MHA/MSHA 1968 2017 2018 Drexel
Identify and mentor three global programs seeking CAHME accreditation:
a) Kaohsiung Medical University (Taiwan)
b) Shandong University (China)
c) American Univeristy Viet Nam
College of Professional Sciences MHSA 1968 2015 2019 Loma Linda University Participated in a webinar detailing how to apply for the CAHME/Canon Solutions America award, outlining approaches not just in how to win the award, but in how to create a sustainable culture.
Developed a competency model and is working with our programs to ensure that the model can be adopted across programs.
Develop a best practice webinar on involving students.
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