Candidacy Process

Candidacy Process

The CAHME Candidacy Program, which allows a program to be considered for Candidate Status, is designed to establish communication, assistance and continuity between CAHME and programs in healthcare management seeking CAHME accreditation. The “Candidate” designation indicates that a program has voluntarily committed to participate in a systematic plan of quality enhancement and continuous improvement so that CAHME accreditation is a feasible and operational objective within five years. However, Candidacy status does not indicate an accredited status, nor does it guarantee eventual accreditation.

Acceptance into Candidacy

A program in healthcare management that has been accepted into CAHME Candidacy has made a commitment to continuous quality improvement through a focus on attaining CAHME accreditation.

The Candidate program will benefit from:

  • Ongoing support from CAHME that fosters continuous quality improvement
  • The Candidacy program’s proven track record of success in improving program quality
  • Continuous peer review of the program’s progress toward meeting CAHME’s Criteria for Accreditation