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Welcome to CAHME.

CAHME leads healthcare management education with excellence since 1968. Our rigorous accreditation sets the gold standard for students and employers. We advance education quality, embrace diversity, and envision global recognition. Join us to shape the future of healthcare management. Accredited by the Council on Higher Education. CAHME: Setting standards, shaping futures.

Steps to Accreditation

Navigating the pathway to accreditation may present complexity and generate numerous questions for institutions. The assembled chart intends to demystify this journey, offering a comprehensive overview and anticipated timelines associated with the process. We look forward to welcoming your campus to our list of CAHME accredited programs.

Accreditation Resources

provides convenient access to CAHME accreditation preparation materials through one online platform. Users learn detailed accreditation criteria, as well as best practices for reaccreditation.

is the tool used for the entire Accreditation process starting with Eligibility through the Self-Study completion. 

and other important Accreditation materials can be found on the Program Resources page.

details the fees associated with each step of the Accreditation process and what they cover.

For More Information:

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