Why CAHME Matters for Students

To ensure a successful career in healthcare management, the choice of your educational program plays a pivotal role. CAHME accredited and certified programs are of the highest quality, promising an education that is grounded in real-world demands and industry standards. Take a look at why CAHME Accreditation is critical to your future in healthcare.

Guaranteed Quality Education

Students selecting CAHME accredited programs are assured of attending programs that have met the high standards and criteria defined by leading academics and practitioners. 

Brighter Job Opportunities

Graduating from a CAHME accredited program opens doors to more job opportunities. Many employers prioritize students from CAHME accredited programs during the recruitment process, promising you a competitive edge in the job market.

Exclusive Scholarship Opportunities

CAHME offers students from our accredited programs six distinct scholarships. Students must be nominated by their University Program Director. Learn more.

Exclusive Post-Graduate Fellowships

The Joint Commission in collaboration with CAHME created a fellowship unlike any other. This one-year fellowship is awarded to a student who will graduate from a CAHME Accredited or Certified program, and who demonstrates the commitment to sustainability, quality and safety, and process improvement. Apply here.

Educational Flexibility

Choosing a CAHME Accredited program also provides increased flexibility to students, as CAHME programs may have a reciprocal policy of granting credit for a class hours to students who transfer in from other CAHME accredited programs. Check with the program to determine terms and requirements.

Exclusive Student Benefits from Industry Partners

Being CAHME Accredited enables programs to provide additional educational benefits to students through CAHME exclusive industry partnerships. These CAHME partners include Modern Healthcare, the American Hospital Association and Medigal Group Management Association.

Access to Case Competitions

Case competitions allow students to work together in a competitive setting against other teams to try and develop the best solution to a business case study within an allocated time frame. Case competitions allow students the opportunity to work together, use their education and experience in a time-sensitive situation and exposes them to industry executives.  To see success of students in CAHME Accredited Programs, click here.

Competency-Based Education

CAHME accredited programs focus on competency-based education, ensuring that you graduate with a skill set that is in high demand in the healthcare industry, paving the way for a prosperous career. We invite you to embrace the accredited journey, a pathway that promises not just an education, but a bright future adorned with opportunities and growth in the healthcare sector.

Fast Facts

Graduates from CAHME accredited programs earn on average $10,252 more in their first year than those from a non-accredited program with no statistical difference in their debt load.

There are 143 CAHME Accredited Programs to select from. Use CAHME’s Advance Search Tool to find the program that’s right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do graduates from CAHME Accredited programs get better jobs?

Using data from the US Department of Education Scorecard graduates of CAHME Accredited programs make an average of $10,000 more per year within the first year of graduating when compared to graduates of non-accredited programs. In addition, there is no statistical difference in student debt.
The same data source shows that 96.4% of CAHME graduates are employed which is statistically higher than graduates from non-CAHME accredited programs.
To learn more view “Inside the Boardroom: Does CAHME Accreditation Matter?“.


Do I need a Master Degree?

Healthcare management as a profession was recognized more than fifty years ago. Even then the industry was complex. Leaders and administrators required a level of expertise and skills not normally attained at the undergraduate level. From the first CAHME Accredited Graduate Program founded in 1932 until now, the Masters degree is recognized as the essential first step toward an executive and managerial career in most healthcare organizations.


How do I know which CAHME Accredited program is the correct one for my particular interest?

Programs are designed to meet certain goals and those goals do vary. There are more than 138 Accredited Programs  to select from. Check their mission; if a list of alumni is shown, look at the jobs they hold.


Are there CAHME Accredited Programs designed for working professionals?

Many CAHME accredited programs have “Executive” programs with curriculum specifically designed to accommodate the work schedules of the individuals already involved in the healthcare and other industries. The design of these programs varies.  Other programs may offer courses in the evenings to accommodate the working professional.  Regardless of curriculum design the student is assured that the program receives the same rigorous review as does the traditional program. Going to the website of the program of interest is the best way to determine if a certain program has the appropriate design to meet the student’s needs.

Why should I go into healthcare management? Are there many good jobs?

Healthcare management is a broad field serving one of the largest and most essential industry segments in the United States and Canada. Management is needed in the multiple aspects of the industry which include: hospitals, nursing homes, physician’s offices, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, consulting, government and public policy, and many more.
There are many jobs but more importantly a career in healthcare management gives a person the feeling of doing good for his/her fellow man. It may seem that physicians and nurses are doing the healing but they couldn’t do their job as well without trained executives and managers.

What makes a CAHME Accredited Masters Program better?

The student who enters a CAHME Accredited Masters Program is assured a level of academic quality that only comes from accreditation. In order for a graduate program in healthcare management to become accredited it must submit to a rigorous examination of its purpose, the curriculum, the student experience and the success of the graduates in the competitive job market. For the program to remain a CAHME Accredited Program, the program must submit to periodic self examination followed by review of an outside panel of experts to assure the public that the program is constantly seeking to improve itself.

What are the degree options for a career in healthcare management?

The degree granted by the college or university often depends on the school where the CAHME Accredited Program is housed. The predominant degrees offered by CAHME Accredited Programs are Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA); Master of Public Health (MPH); Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Public Administration (MPA). There is an opportunity with some CAHME Accredited programs to pursue dual degrees. Examples include joint JD/MHA; MD/MBA; MBA/MPH and MHA/MBA to name just a few of the options. The individual and joint degrees offered by programs are listed under Accredited Programs .