Healthcare Organizations

Why CAHME Matters for Healthcare Organizations

In the dynamic healthcare industry, the role of healthcare organizations is pivotal. These organizations tirelessly seek professionals who not only hold a degree but exhibit competencies that align with the industry’s stringent standards. CAHME Accredited Programs provide graduates who are adept and prepared to meet the industry demands head-on. Let’s explore why CAHME matters for healthcare organizations.

Employee Investment

For their own employees, many Healthcare Organizations (including the US Military) require that employees attend CAHME accredited program for leadership training to create the best return on their investment in their employees.For their hiring practices, many Healthcare Organizations select students graduating from CAHME accredited programs.

Quality Improvement

CAHME actively promotes continuous quality improvement in the preparation of future healthcare leaders by developing measurable, mission driven competency-based criteria in partnership with practitioners for excellence in healthcare management education. Employers understand that CAHME accredited program graduates are skilled, competent and ready to lead.

Shaping the Future

A strong academic-practitioner partnership is at the core of the CAHME process. CAHME relies on healthcare organizations of all types to contribute to our mission. Partnership opportunities with CAHME include Board service, committee work, serving as a site visitor, fellowships, scholarship and award sponsorship.