Application for CAHME-Aramark Innovation Grant
Application will be available in late June.

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CAHME-Aramark Innovation
Grants Announced
June 5, 2017

CAHME and Aramark are pleased to announce a three-year partnership to provide grants to CAHME-accredited programs also served by Aramark. CAHME and Aramark share a goal to drive innovation and excellence in healthcare management education. We are grateful for Aramark’s generous support which will fund a range of experiences for students in CAHME-accredited programs. Grants will be awarded for initiatives that support participation of healthcare management students in research, seminars, case study competitions, and other related activities. Four grants of $4,000 each will be awarded to four different schools in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Check back later in June 2017 for the application and directions.