Candidacy Process

Candidacy Process

The CAHME Candidacy Program, which allows a program to be considered for Candidate Status, is designed to establish communication, assistance and continuity between CAHME and programs in healthcare management seeking CAHME accreditation. The “Candidate” designation indicates that a program has voluntarily committed to participate in a systematic plan of quality enhancement and continuous improvement so that CAHME accreditation is a feasible and operational objective within five years. However, Candidacy status does not indicate an accredited status, nor does it guarantee eventual accreditation.

Steps of the Candidacy Process

The Candidacy process can seem overwhelming at first. The assembled chart works to guide you through the process and help you understand what is needed each step of the way. We look forward to helping you in this step to become a CAHME Candidate program. 

Candidacy Resources

provides convenient access to CAHME accreditation preparation materials through one online platform. Users learn detailed accreditation criteria, as well as best practices for reaccreditation.

is the tool used for the entire Accreditation process starting with Eligibility through the Self-Study completion. 

and other important Accreditation materials can be found on the Program Resources page.

details the fees associated with each step of the Accreditation process and what they cover.

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