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Join CAHME staff along with Jennifer Gray, Senior Product Manager at Weave Education, as we discuss CAHME's Accreditation Management Portal (CAMP). We will discuss best practices of the tool and provide time for Q&A. Contact Melissa Cross at to register for this event.

University of Phoenix CMC Webinar: Harmony in Diversity: Navigating the Path to Inclusion in the University of Phoenix Online Master of Health Administration Program

CLC Virtual Session

The University of Phoenix and its Master of Health Administration program serve people from all backgrounds, and particularly those underserved by traditional academia, to provide the educational access necessary to improve their lives. The University’s emphases on access and career-relevance, paired with an open enrollment approach, ensure it continues to serve an ethnically, economically, gender, and age-diverse student body in an online environment. Webinar Overview In this informative panel presentation, we will delve into our MHA program’s deliberate efforts to address and embrace diversity, creating an inclusive environment for faculty, staff, and students.
Our panelists will cover the following key areas and their impact:
1. Curriculum Innovation: Cultivating Empathy: Our MHA curriculum features a unique novel initiative designed to foster empathy. Two novels, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks support the creation of compassionate leaders who champion equity and inclusivity.
2. Compassionate Student Support Policies: Our policies prioritize compassion, recognizing that life’s challenges often intersect with academic pursuits. We believe that fostering well-being contributes directly to academic achievement and equitable student outcomes without sacrificing quality.
3. Engaging Our Diverse Faculty and Staff: Our MHA program thrives on the collective wisdom of our faculty and staff, who represent a rich mosaic of experiences and backgrounds. By amplifying diverse voices in the classroom and administrative roles, we create a vibrant ecosystem where everyone’s expertise matters.
4. University-Wide Commitment: Cultural Competence and Humility: Beyond the MHA program, the University of Phoenix nurtures cultural awareness, provides thought leadership and forms community alliances to promote and sustain educational equity and diversity initiatives. The President’s Advisory Council on Diversity, Equity and Belonging, an “Inclusive Café” series for faculty and staff, and annual Inclusive Leadership Summit are among the initiatives we will discuss.

Join us as we explore these critical dimensions of diversity and inclusion within the Master of Health Administration program at the University of Phoenix.

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CLC Session: Setting Goals

CLC Virtual Session

CAHME’s CLC will host a virtual session regarding one of the most frequently discussed criteria in the accreditation architecture. Criterion I.A.2. specifies that the program have “goals” that represent the educational, research and service component of the program. Senior Accreditation Specialist Mike Meacham and Program Coordinator Tecia Mentzer will present an explanation of “goals” as used by CAHME along with examples of how your program can construct S.M.A.R.T. goals and provide the evidence required by Criterion I.A.2.