Accreditation Criteria and Eligibility Requirements/Self Study

2021 Criteria Health Management Self-Study Handbook
2021 Criteria Quality and Safety Self-Study Handbook
All Figures Document
Criteria Program Review Worksheet
Individual Syllabus Cover Sheet
Handbook of Policies and Accreditation Procedures

Candidate Programs
Candidacy Application Handbook


Annual Report
Sample Student Survey


Site Visit Resource

Site Visit Readiness Checklist Guidelines
        Readiness Checklist Worksheet
I.A.2: Setting Goals Aligned with Mission Vision Value
IV.C.1: Faculty Pedagogical Development
Site Visit Instructions
Travel Expense Reports
Virtual Site Visit Policy


CAHME Governance Documents

Audited Financial Statements 


Global Accreditation

West, D. and Stanowski, A. (2017) Global Accreditation Concept Paper. Approved by the CAHME Board, November 10, 2017.
Stanowski, A. (2017) Global Accreditation for Healthcare Management Education: The Time is Now. Presented at Aspects of Promoting International Accreditation of Health Care Management Program. The University of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia. December 12, 2017.
International Study: Executive Summary
International Study: Phase 1
International Study: Phase 2


Population Health Management Certification

Population Health Management Certification Standards Handbook
Population Health Management Certification Application


Healthcare Quality and Safety Certification

HQS Certification Standards Handbook
HQS Certification Application
HQS Annual Certification Renewal form.