When Choosing a Consultant…

To better serve our programs, and based on past inquiries, CAHME has compiled a list of experienced site visitors who offer independent consultative accreditation services. CAHME DOES NOT REQUIRE OR RECOMMEND PROGRAMS HIRE CONSULTANTS. This page is provided as a resource as CAHME has learned that programs are searching for consultants and do not know where to turn. CAHME strongly recommends that if selecting a consultant outside of this list, you check with CAHME VP of Accreditation Operations, Eric Brichto, at ebrichto@cahme.org.

CAHME provides many resources to help programs prepare for accreditation, including:

The independent consultants listed have met all of the following criteria:

    • Is a current CAHME Fellow
    • Has indicated that they have experience as an accreditation consultant
    • Trained on CAHME Accreditation Standards and Criteria
    • Completed annual continuing education
    • Actively participates on site visits
    • Are committed to helping programs achieve accreditation and reaccreditation

Upon clicking the ‘I Agree to Terms’ button below a list of consultants will be provided.


By clicking the ‘I Agree to Terms’ button, you agree that:


    • CAHME has provided this list for programs to use as a resource when selecting a consultant.
    • You will conduct your own thorough research before hiring. The selection, engagement, and management of any consultant are solely the responsibilities of the program.
    • Choosing a consultant from the provided list does not ensure a favorable accreditation outcome.
    • CAHME bears no responsibility for any decisions or actions taken by an organization in hiring a consultant. CAHME does not endorse, supervise, or guarantee the performance or conduct of any consultants, and we shall not be held liable for any outcomes resulting from such engagements. Any agreements or arrangements made between the program and the consultants are independent of CAHME and are entered into at the organization’s own risk and discretion.
Dr. Eric Richardson, Ph.D., MPH, MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP, CHHR

Dr. Eric Richardson, Ph.D., MPH, MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP, CHHR

Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, University of North Carolina Wilmington

For More Information:

Eric Brichto
VP of Accreditation
301-298-1820 ext. 4