Case Competitions

What is a Case Competition?

A case competition is an event where teams of students analyze and solve a complex, real-world challenge within a set timeframe and present their recommendations to a panel of expert judges. Often hosted by universities and other healthcare-related organizations, these competitions allow students to work together in a competitive setting against other teams to develop the best solution to a business case study. They offer a unique opportunity for students to apply classroom knowledge in time-sensitive situations, exposing them to industry executives and enabling them to network with peers and field experts. Through these events, students develop and demonstrate a vast array of skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, public speaking, and team building.

Benefits of Participating in a Case Competition

Practical Experience

Solving real work challenges enhances students’ practical understanding of concepts and strategies.

Skill Development

These competitions develop critical thinking, problem-solving, public speaking, teamwork, and time management skills.


Participants can grow their professional networks by interacting with industry executives, judges, mentors, and peers.

Career Advancement

Involvement in case competitions is a strong addition to a resume, demonstrating initiative. Additionally, companies often use these events to scout for talent, leading to potential internships and job offers.

Recognition and Awards

Most competitions offer monetary prizes for top-performing teams, in addition to the general recognition and respect case competitions receive in academic and professional circles.

Learning and Growth

Feedback provided by judges and industry experts helps participants improve and learn. Additionally, participants are exposed to different perspectives as they hear the same case with different solutions from other groups.

CAHME Accredited Programs consistently place high in major case competitions, showcasing the exceptional skills and knowledge of their students. To see the success of students in CAHME Accredited Programs, click the button below.

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There is a variety of types of case competitions available to CAHME Accredited Programs: virtual, in-person, 48-hour turnaround time, 1.5-months turn-around time, local, national, first-year only case competitions, corporate-sponsored competitions, interdisciplinary teams, and more.


Student Testimonials

I was in my first year of my MHA at Saint Louis University, a CAHME-Accredited Program when I saw the importance of competing in a case competition for the professional growth opportunities, both for tackling a real-world issue and expanding my network. Looking back, it is still one of the highlights of my graduate school experiences. My team was selected to present in the final round of the competition where I  was introduced to Dr. Anthony Stanowski, President and CEO of CAHME, during the judging portion of the case competition. While we waited for scores to be tallied, we had open conversation time with some healthcare executives. Dr. Stanowski posed the question “Have you ever considered a different part of healthcare besides operations and strategy?” I responded to Dr. Stanowski that I had enjoyed putting together the presentation and building the “brand” of my team’s solution. After our conversation and a round of interviews, I was hired by CAHME to serve as a communications and marketing intern. I had no idea that competing in a case competition, answering a single question, and sharing my joy would lead to my current role with CAHME today.

Samantha Arledge, MHA

Saint Louis University