The CAHME/Quint Studer Excellence in Healthcare Mentorship Scholarship Award

Recognizes graduate students in CAHME Accredited or Certified programs who exemplify the values of Quint Studer by demonstrating exceptional skills in educating, mentoring, and tutoring other students or members of the public in the healthcare field. This scholarship represents the impact of effective education and mentorship on shaping the future of healthcare leadership and honors students who have dedicated themselves to fostering growth and development in their peers.

Named after Quint Studer, a revered figure in healthcare leadership and education, this award recognizes the significance of imparting knowledge and nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals.

It acknowledges students who possess:
• an ability to educate teams on their roles and responsibilities,
• facilitate learning experiences,
• mentor aspiring leaders,
• facilitate learning experiences,
• and provide valuable guidance to their peers.

Nominees for this award stand out for dedication to elevating their fellow students’ or peers’ knowledge and skills by:

• sharing insights
• providing guidance
• offering support to help others excel.

Students should demonstrate:

• formal mentoring relationships
• informal peer tutoring
• or educational initiatives.

Students who taught prior to their graduate education in elementary, high school or in special education classes are encouraged to apply.

This scholarship highlights the transformative impact of those who can educate and mentor. By recognizing graduate students in CAHME accredited programs who actively engage in educating and empowering their peers and others, this award encourages the next generation of healthcare leaders to prioritize collaborative learning and contribute to a well-informed and capable healthcare workforce who work to improve the lives of others.

2025 CAHME Award applications open in August 2024.



  • Student in CAHME Accredited or Certified Program
  • Nominations must be made by the students Program Director, or a faculty member on behalf of the University Program Director

What You Need to Apply

  • Program Director Contact Information
  • University Information
  • Student Nominee Contact Information

Nomination Essay

The nomination consists of two essays of no more than 250 words (limit to 1,250 characters) each. Essays should be completed by the Program Director, and we recommend typing your essay responses in a saved document outside of the online application in case of technical difficulties. You may copy and paste from your personal document to the online application when you are ready.

  1. In approximately 250 words (limit to 1,250 characters) or less, explain what makes this student an ideal candidate to receive a CAHME scholarship? (If you are nominating this student to multiple scholarships, you can copy this response.)
  2. In approximately 250 words (limit to 1,250 characters) or less, provide specific example (s) of how the nominees specific initiatives foster growth and development among peers, and aligns with the skills and values required for the scholarship . (Be specific to the award criteria.)

Award Includes

  • One-time scholarship of $3,000.00
  • One complimentary ticket to the CAHME Awards Ceremony on March 24, 2024, at ACHE Congress
  • One complimentary ticket to ACHE Congress
  • Roundtrip Airfare
  • 2-night hotel stay
  • Recognition on CAHME’s website and social media

2024 CAHME Award Recipients

Congratulations to Josh Aune, student at the University of Minnesota, MHA program and Aimee Asante, student at Penn State University, MHA program!


For More Information:

Dana Alexander, MHA
Communications and Engagement Manager
301-298-1820 ext. 6