Michelle Petruccelli

Accreditation Coordinator

Michelle Petruccelli is the Accreditation Coordinator for CAHME. She provides administrative support for the accreditation activities at CAHME, and is responsible for ensuring complete accreditation documentation and data to allow for an efficient and prompt accreditation process.

Prior to joining CAHME, Michelle taught high school history and at the elementary school level. In her teaching career, she organized and maintained a well managed classroom environment for students of differing educational levels and integrated computer based programs in the classroom to enrich and monitor student progress. She regularly communicated with the families of her students in order to provide educational resources and support at home, and collaborated with other teachers to create, adapt, and align school curriculum to meet state standards and requirements.

Michelle graduated from the University of Dallas with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, a minor in Italian language, and a teaching certification in secondary education.