Focus on Faculty:
Dale Sanders, DO, DHA, MBA



Dale Sanders, DO, DHA, MBA

Director, Master of Health Administration Program
Salem Academy and College
North Carolina, USA

“I quickly learned that CAHME was the gold standard for master’s level programs.”

As a physician, Dr. Dale Sanders brings a unique perspective to his role as a graduate healthcare management education leader. “I see the complexi-ties of healthcare from both a clinical standpoint and an administrative lens.”

In the early stages of his career as a physician, Dr. Sanders faced his own health challenges, an experience during which he came to understand that the “greatest health system in the world is just not great for everyone.” His desire to understand the impact of the business side of healthcare led him to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Northwood University and a Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) from Central Michigan University. In 2022, he was named director of the Master of Health Administration program at Salem College.


Healthcare Administration Can Solve Problems for Patients and Communities

In his new role, Dr. Sanders hopes to encourage students to appreciate healthcare administration and its relevance in the healthcare sector. “Health Administration shouldn’t be a second, third, or fourth (career) choice. It should be a first choice, and it should be considered the important role of taking care of the health of our communities.”

In Dr. Sanders’ view, healthcare administrative leaders can “become the advocates for those who sometimes can’t advocate for themselves.” Healthcare management education can give these leaders the skills, attitude, resiliency and grit to understand that “there are no problems that they can’t solve or at least identify alternative ways to solve problems” on behalf of patients and communities.


CAHME Supports Quality Education of the Next Set of Healthcare Leaders

Earlier academic appointments exposed Dr. Sanders to CAHME, where he rapidly identified the benefit of CAHME accreditation for programs and for students—something he intends to bring to the MHA program at Salem College. “I quickly learned that CAHME was the gold standard for master’s level programs.” Dr. Sanders cites CAHME’s emphasis on competency-based education as an essential element for any graduate-level healthcare management program. “As healthcare and healthcare management changes, CAHME has kept up and prioritized supporting how we educate this next set of leaders.”

The professional support from colleagues at other CAHME-accredited programs is also valuable to Dr. Sanders. Colleagues at other CAHME- accredited programs have reached out to him to be helpful in the early stages of the Salem MHA program’s development and accreditation process. CAHME is “open, welcoming, and provides support for programs as they develop and begin the accreditation process.” I have worked with many accrediting bodies during my career and CAHME ranks among the best relative to the quality and organization of the accreditation process.