Why You Should Consider a Fellowship in Healthcare

On today’s episode of Master Your Healthcare Career, we welcome Ethan Kannel, Director of Operations of the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine at Penn Medicine.

We welcome back Ethan, who completed an internship at CAHME in 2020.   After completing his MBA, Ethan was selected for a two-year Administrative Fellowship at Penn Medicine. He was hired on at Penn Medicine, as the Director of Operations for the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, a 900,000 square foot, $302 million dollar facility that sees approximately 820,000 patients per year.

On today’s session, Dr. Stanowski and Ethan discuss the importance of fellowships and the valuable experiences they provide to students heading into the healthcare field.  Ethan discusses what helped him find a fellowship, what to do during the fellowship to secure a post-fellow role, and the qualities that he and Penn Medicine look for when interviewing potential candidates for a fellowship.

To read more about Healthcare Management Fellowships, check out the NCHL/CAHME white paper
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