Job Crafting: How to Align Your Career With Your Personal Mission

In this session we welcome Katherine A. Meese, Ph.D, Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Services Administration at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the Director of Wellness Research in the UAB Medicine Office of Wellness and Director for the Center for Healthcare Management and Leadership. Dr. Meese has several years of industry experience spanning in positions across the globe,, including management within a large academic medical center. She has co-authored two textbooks for organizational behavior in healthcare that are used in healthcare management programs across the country, as well as numerous book chapters and peer-reviewed articles.

In this episode Katherine discusses the concept of job crafting – a process of adjusting your position, whether it is micro, or macro adjustments, to align your personal values and goals with the needs of an organization. She shares her personal experience with self-reflection, work life integration, and how to select the right organization – from the time of researching goals and missions to analyzing the interview process to ensure you are selecting the best position for YOU. If you are apprehensive in your current field, or position, Katherine provides insight on how you can find meaning working in healthcare and truly love what you are doing.

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