A Blueprint for Professional Growth in Healthcare through Associations

In this episode of Master Your Healthcare Career, we welcome Todd Nelson the Chief Partnership Executive at the Healthcare Financial Management Association (better known as “HFMA”). Todd leads HFMA’s partnership strategy across healthcare industry sectors. HFMA is the leading association for healthcare finance professionals, serving 106,000 members in 67 chapters in the US, and has affiliations worldwide.

Before joining HFMA, Todd was the Chief Financial Officer of a rural Midwest hospital for over 15 years. He serves on several boards and academic committees. Notably, Todd is the Board Chair for CAHME for 2023-2024.

In this session Todd provides key success paths for early careerists including:

1) How being certified from an association such as HFMA and graduating from an accredited program from CAHME provides your employer with a higher level of “surety” that you can get the job done.

2) How to establish a network that serves as a “treasure map” to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape.

3) How to work within an association chapter to attain experiences that stretch your skill set.

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why graduating from a CAHME Accredited program is so important!