How Team Leaders Foster Skill Development in Others: Quint Studer on Leaders as Teachers

What happens when a teacher’s passion evolves into a healthcare leadership role? On today’s episode we welcome Quint Studer. Quint is a former special education teacher, lifelong student and teacher of leadership. He is the author of 15 books, including his latest book Rewiring Excellence, and serves on numerous healthcare boards, and is a frequent speaker, workshop facilitator, and mentor to individuals and organizations. He has a gift for translating complex strategies into doable behaviors that allow organizations to achieve long-term success.

Recently, Quint co-founded  Healthcare Plus Solutions Group with longtime colleague Dan Collard. HPSG specializes in delivering Precision Leader Development™ solutions to healthcare organizations across the continuum of care and their teams.

This episode is a conversation about the influence of educators in shaping leaders. Quint offers insights into the profound impact of educators on his life and career as well as  highlights the importance of teaching in healthcare leadership. Quint goes on to discuss a  leader’s  role in nurturing their team/faculty by offering individualized support and investing in them to help retain talent and reach their fullest potential.

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